Friday, June 29, 2012

Yuberific News- I won a Boda Boda! WOW!

My English language skills are such, that I lack the words to fully describe how incredibly happy, excited and appreciative I am at being able to announce that I won the Yuba contest for the Boda Boda Cargo Cruiser! I really can't believe it and find myself walking around the house with a permanent grin! Really, I won! It's just amazing! I cried and laughed at the same time, I continue to feel so very, very appreciative.

One of my sketches I turned in, it's got the same curvy style.

It is such a beautiful bike, but now I have to decide which color! The step-over frame is larger and comes in green only, the step-through model is smaller and available in white or green. All the specifications and details are available on the new website.

Another sketch- got the color right!

You can see all the entries to the contest on Yuba's blog. There were 38 entries and they are all awesome, so I feel really lucky to have won! I refer to the Boda Boda as my dream bike, because when I drew my vision of it, I literally designed it to be what I would want in cargo bike. Enough room for groceries, a passenger, lower step over, lighter and with classic style. To me this bike feels like a lifestyle changer, I really hope it lives up to my expectations, I think it will! Thank you to everyone that has joined in my happiness, I literally answered over 100 messages yesterday, and felt so much love from everyone!

When Kyle got home from work yesterday,  I told him about next months challenge (see yesterday's blog post). He was a little worried, but agreed to join me as long as he gets one meaty dish a week on his BBQ, so I will be enjoying a mushroom burger, while he chows on a steak probably! I plan on showing some recipe ideas throughout the month and sharing what I eat, because it will help me stay accountable, but also may inspire others to join us!

Of course, I also got to share my wonderful Boda news with Kyle too, he is just as excited about it as I am, because it means he gets to adopt my Mundo, or maybe foster is the word....Not sure I can give it up yet, can't I just ride them both? I've been showing pictures to Jack and he keeps pointing at the Boda saying "mumma and baby bike" - makes my heart swell with pride I tell you!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kitchen Overhaul- bringing it all together for my health

As you may remember from my last post, recently my camera took a nose dive in usefulness and was kindly replaced by fellow bicycle blogger Sarah of I Bike U Bike. Sarah and I chatted back and forth a little on Twitter and she jokingly challenged me to watch the movie Forks Over Knives and try out a ten day challenge to eat more veggies, less meat and less refined products. I explained to Sarah, as I will to you now, that I had already seen the movie and actually used to be vegetarian for many years, and then vegan for a few more. I'd even go as far to say that I know more about the vegetarian lifestyle and the benefits of whole foods than some people that make a profession out of teaching the "vegan gospel". Sadly, I strayed away from that way of eating many years ago and have since dabbled here and there in it, but never been fully committed to restoring myself to a healthier lifestyle.

The kitchen ready to get it's veggie on
I agreed to watch the movie again, and so late last week, Kyle and I streamed it from Netflix and got a refresher course in how we should probably be eating. Whilst dietary ideals are different from person to person (please translate this to read I'm not ready to start preaching vegan-ism, quite yet;), I have always known that a well balanced high veggie/fruit diet works well for me, and cutting out sugar, dairy and refined grains makes me feel more energetic too.

Collection of dry goods in glass jars I've been saving
My green shelf- sprouts, cilantro and green onions
Well, despite the fact that Sarah's challenge was meant to be a lighthearted joke of sorts (I'm sure she hoped I'd really watch it) we did decide to take her up on the challenge of eating more whole foods, less meat and dairy, which meant I had some work cut out for me!  First of all the kitchen needed a makeover and so as to get a fresh start, I decided to clean out all the bad stuff and make way for the new healthier foods, that sometimes require more preparation and organization. On Saturday and Sunday I spent my time cleaning out the cupboards, tossing out anything refined and sugary, then I organized my dry goods storage (a collection of glass jars I've been saving from the landfill because our area doesn't recycle glass) and set to work making an extravagant grocery list.  I wish I could say kyle and I spent the weekend hauling groceries from 3 shops on the bikes, but we didn't and took the car instead so we could get it "over with".

I'm pretty impressed with how much we've accomplished so far, including sprouting our own greens, making our own rice milk and huge batches of rice and beans for freezing, but it has been a rather busy week! We've been enjoying vast quantities of Hummus, have re-dedicated ourselves in our love of Bragg Liquid Aminos and discovered that a little applesauce makes a very good sweetener for whole grain cereal.

I think this is the sensible next step for me, I've taken the first six months to get used to regular riding again, now it's time to add some healthy eating into the mix and hopefully take my challenge to the next level. I also feel like I still have a long way to go in regards to cycling- I just don't feel like I get out enough and part of it is that I haven't been feeling very well for a while now, but also part of it is that I need to re-commit myself to blog-accountability...if I state it here, it has to happen, I love how that magically works for me! As the end of the month is just around the corner, and a fresh one is approaching, it seems only fitting that I state my goals here and now for July.

July's goals are going to be pretty simple. I'm going to commit to riding or walking daily, mainly riding, but I do like to add the "walk" option, so Jack can get some exercise in too (always nice to wear the little guy out with a long walk!) Then the other part of my challenge is the lifestyle challenge- I'm going to go 30 days with no meat, no sugar, and no dairy. Instead I'm going to eat lots of unprocessed veggies and fruits, whole grains (rice, lentils and beans), up my water intake and stop eating late night snacks.

Yikes- I'm kinda nervous about July! Especially now I see the words in print and know that the accountability is there.  It's going to be a big challenge for someone who previously chowed down on burgers and fries a few times a week, but I'm positive I can manage it. I will most likely be blogging daily check-ins and progress reports and as always, I will enjoy the support of my community here- thank you, wish me luck!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

An interview with a cyclist- me;)

I enjoy doing interviews, I find them very interesting and rewarding, the characters and personalities offer a fun glance at a strangers life. Recently I got interviewed, which was a cool experience too and I found myself recalling little stories I'd long since forgotten, like the time I got accosted by a cyclist in North Portland. If you get a chance go check it out - My interview with Bike4heck.

This week I really hit a wall of exhaustion, I'm not sure why, it just happened. Kyle was sick for the first three days of the week, Jack was sick for a day or so, I didn't get enough sleep on any night. I made up for it last night and crashed before 8pm, enjoying a 12 hour slumber, which is unheard of for me. This week has been hot and dry during the day, with plenty of stormy nights to cool things off. I haven't ridden that much and feel slightly guilty about it, but not too much, I've come to realize that cycling is a part of my life now and I can't be bothered to get "worried" if I skip a day here and there.

My camera is officially DONE. The black spot on the LCD screen has spread like a plague, making my "point and shoot" more of a "point and hope".  Luckily for me, I continue to be supported in many ways by my cycling community and Sarah from I Bike U Bike has stuck an unused camera in the mail for me. Thank you Sarah, it's very much appreciated! As I don't have any pictures from this week, and I refuse to post without one, I shall leave you with this adorable shot of my little motivator.

It's Bodafull- pictures of Yuba's NEW Boda Boda

Yuba's Boda Boda bike is officially here and released and there's a lot to like. According to what I've read so far, it was designed to provide "everyday transportation to riders with modest cargo needs and limited bicycle storage." It's a pretty good bet that this bike will be popular and the fact that both models have a much lower top tube is a huge plus for the shorter folks like myself.

There are two colors available and two different frames. Above is the step-through model, I was glad to see the Peanut Shell will still work on this bike, and below you can see both bikes, with the beautiful vibrant green model in the foreground. Notice those cork grips and plush saddle, looks pretty classy, hey?

If, and it's a big IF, I was to be able to afford one of these bikes I would probably get two panniers, add the optional bamboo fenders and a front basket. Of course I'd need another double kickstand too. It adds up for sure, but this bike has a pretty affordable MSRP of $999 (electric version, available soon at $2,697 - I would LOVE that up-grade!)

It sure is a pretty bike and I hope I'm able to get one. Of course the Mundo would be staying with us too, Kyle would ride it as his bike and as much as I'm reluctant to hand over my beloved steed, at least I could still enjoy it from afar and take it out when I plan to carry a ton of cargo.

I know it's odd fro me to have a blog post full of "other" people on bikes- but I had to share these great pictures, I hope everyone enjoys seeing the new bike as much as I did. 

For all the technical details on this bike visit the awesome Joe Bike website, Joe can always be trusted to answer the technical questions!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Interview with a cylist - Matthew from San Antonio

This weeks interview is with Matthew from Matthew and his wife Tina are both school teachers in San Antonio, Texas.

Tell us about your favorite bike. What do you like the most about it and why is it special to you? 

I would have to say that out of all my bicycles (I’ve got 5 I ride regularly) I would have to say that my Yuba Mundo Cargo bicycle is my favorite bicycle. I really wouldn’t have expected that when I was looking into buying the Yuba, but it just so much fun to ride. The worst part about the Yuba is parking it as it’s just huge and sometimes it can be hard to maneuver around in the garage. But it rides like a dream and it’s more useful than duct-tape! I now find myself riding the Yuba most of the time. It’s just fun to ride.  

How has cycling changed your life? 

Well, cycling as a sport was a daily thing in my life for many years especially in high school and my first few years of college. Then life got it the way. I got busy with college and student teaching (I’m an elementary teacher). I also got married and my wife, Tina, wasn’t a cyclist at the time I met her and she didn’t share my interest in cycling so there was a good number of years I spent off the bicycle. Then after relocating to San Antonio, Texas we needed to do something to get back in shape and we turned to cycling an avenue to regaining our health. Last summer was the first summer we really started cycling and we did shed some pounds. We started out our cycling again or our “re-cycling” last summer by cycling for leisure but soon started to view it as a tool for transportation when we started riding to the grocery store on our 3 speed beach cruisers. At first the trips to get groceries was quite an adventure but soon it became routine and now we do a bicycle grocery run once a week. So cycling has changed my views of my city. I now can see that a bicycle is a tool for transportation not just a recreational piece of exercise equipment. I’ve become enthralled with the idea of carrying stuff on my bicycle and replacing short car trips by riding the bicycle. It helps me stay healthy and helps me do my part for the environment. 

I do most of my bicycle maintenance in my kitchen (with my limited skills), where's the oddest place you've ever done bicycle maintenance or mechanics?

Oddly, enough my kitchen is my workroom too. I completely rebuilt an old bicycle in my kitchen last summer. Now I mostly do repairs in my garage and have set it up nicely for bicycle repairs with a Park tool stand and plenty of tools. I’ve not done repairs in strange odd places other than helping friends with small repairs before heading out on rides.

I rely heavily on the advice of more experienced riders, what would be your first piece of advice for someone hoping to start cycling?

I would say start small. I was a daily cyclist in my younger years after a long break and many pounds of weight added on I had to start with baby steps. No more long 40 mile rides like when I was younger. Also I would say start with a comfy bicycle. When getting back in cycling, my wife and I purchased a pair of Sun Bicycle’s Cruz 3 speeds beach style bicycles. We liked the fat comfy seat for our rears to sit on and we loved the upright position. I remember our first time on a hilly trail by our house we rode less than a mile and we were worn out but we didn’t give up… we kept at it and now those little things that were once hard are now easy and then things we encounter that we find difficult now we know in six months will not be a big deal anymore. I would also add that if you are fluffy like me don’t get intimidated by those skinny spandex cyclists and those bicycle stores that cater to the want-to-be Lance Armstrong. If I can ride, anyone can.

Do you have any cycling goals or aspirations for the coming year?

In the coming year I’d like to start commuting to my job 5 miles away. It will be a challenge because there are some major hills to tackle and I might need a better bicycle to do it because the Yuba is kind of heavy for a commuter bicycle and my other bicycles are single speeds or only have three gears. If I accomplish that goal I would be really excited about it.

Where can we hear more about your journey?

You can hear more about our journey at our blogsite

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Ride & BBQ

Father's Day has become so much more meaningful since having a child. It used to be a time when I contemplated my awkward and mostly non-existent relationship with my own Father, but these days it's so much more fun to hang out with my two favorite guys and celebrate their relationship. Kyle and Jack drove to the store, grabbed groceries and had breakfast cooking by the time I was waking up, since this never usually happens, it was a pretty awesome day for me too.

I wish we'd have caught the actual kite in this shot- but you can see the string!

After breakfast we went and flew a kite at the fields near our house, it was Jack's first time flying a kite and he was pretty amazed by the experience. I love seeing his eyes so bright with excitement and wonder, parenthood is so good for me, I love reliving all these childhood pleasures.

Tomatoes and a Zucchini plant gracing the front walk

Earlier in the year I had planted a whole bunch of tomato seeds, we finally transported them into the ground, along with a big zucchini plant that was waiting to get out of the pot. I've never grown all my garden from seed before and feel pretty proud of all my little plants. The string is my old laundry line, I'm hoping it will keep Beatrix off the plants, shes a lazy dog so I don't think the idea of ducking under the line will appeal to her when she could just walk around. Indecently, speaking of the lazy dog, we also gave her a bath in the back yard which might possibly be the highlight of Jack's weekend and the lowest point of Beatrix's. Jack was ecstatic that we were all torturing the dog together, whereas he's usually the one getting told off for sneaking up on her in the yard and dumping water on her back, that he's collected from his water play table.

Beatrix is one of those so called "vicious" breeds, obviously she never got the "bite children" memo...or possibly she was just raised with love!
The only part of the day that I didn't get pictures of was our BBQ. Now usually I wouldn't snap a picture of a pork chop and put it on my blog, but this BBQ was so good that I may have considered replacing my blogs header with a picture of my plate. We had roasted corn, grilled veggies and the best pork chop I've ever tasted. EVER. Now, I'm not sure my health coach will be as enthusiastic about my pork chop love, but it was a special occasion. 

The big blue bike got stored in the dining room, and mine is in the utility room. We need a door on our carport!

We followed up the BBQ with an evening ride on the Mundo bikes, and the weather was glorious. The wind had finally subsided and it wasn't so blazing hot. Jack rode in his PJ's and my clothes where so miss-matched Kyle burst into laughter every time he looked at me. I was far from cycle-chic with my purple sweatpants, red t-shirt and big orange bike, but the whole cycle-chic movement is kind of lost on me, I embrace the bike for its power to move people, rather than as a fashion statement. 

Cruising in the campus at dusk

Kyle is in love with the Mundo, he keeps commenting about how comfortable it is, how smooth and relaxed it feels. I finally got my first peek at the new Yuba Boda Boda (visit my Facebook page for pics I found online) and it's so stunningly beautiful. I think the combination of a lower step-through point and a lighter weight frame makes it a shoe-in for me and my lifestyle. Anyone who reads my blog will know I'm a huge fan of Yuba and this new bike has made me even more so! I think if Kyle rides my orange bike and I get a Boda Boda we will be one happy yuberiffic family!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Seeking Simple Solutions to Complicated Questions.

It has surely been a while since we've enjoyed a family ride, but today we did, and it was just as good as I thought it would be. Kyle has been having some tendinitis bought on by too much computer work and hasn't been able to ride his bike, so we borrowed one that has a more relaxed seating position and is overall just more comfortable to ride.

Kyle being goofy before the ride.
A few weeks ago I went to our local grocery store and bumped into someone wanting to sell a Mundo- yes, that really happened, what are the odds? I knew it wasn't in the works for us, but called our friend who has become a bit of a cargo bike collector in the last few months, since he first rode my Mundo. Sure enough we were able to play matchmaker and our friend got a great deal on this beautiful blue Yuba. As I said, he has collected a few bikes and was kind enough to let us borrow this one for the weekend, so we could enjoy a Father's Day bike ride.

The weather was stunning and blazing hot so our ride turned into a 5 miler with a pit stop at the park for playtime and creek paddling.

My camera has a huge black spot in the LCD screen, so from now on I'm shooting blind, which makes me exceptionally happy with this shot, because it came out pretty good. I know I should go get a new camera, but my laptop is on it's last legs too and we still need to solve Kyle's bike issues. I'm pretty excited about the thought of Yuba's new Boda Boda, sure I have no idea what it looks like, but the term "Cargo Cruiser" sounds intriguing.

Apparently everyone thought the creek at the park sounded like a great place to be, because there must have been 20 little kids charging back and forth. The campus on the other hand, has just hosted graduation so the grounds are empty, but impeccably manicured. It was a lovely ride.

Tomorrow we're looking forward to another ride, maybe a long one, depending on how the heat is. It's Father's Day here in the U.S. which means a BBQ of pork chops and a fresh green salad from the garden, which is coming along nicely. I'm feeling very thankful for today, I'm trying to remember to be thankful for everyday of this journey. Jack is getting bigger and stronger, he seems to be gaining more and more of himself with everyday that passes, and I sense his baby-ness disappearing, which is heart wrenching and delightful all at once. I heard him ask for a "burger" the other day and have felt more compelled ever since, to rock this year. I had no idea he even knew what a damned burger was, I was devastated.

Parenthood is such a momentous responsibility it can be overwhelming at times. As I write this I am reminded of a post I shared on my Facebook page yesterday. It said "The bicycle is a simple solution to some of the world's most complicated questions". I'm going to keep that with me now, and consider it my personal mantra "The bicycle is a simple solution to some of parenting's most complicated questions."

Friday, June 15, 2012

Bicycle + Baby + Beats = Beautiful

Adding music to my rides has been the best thing I've done since I got my cushy saddle. Of course riding is fun, especially on a lovely warm sunny day with a cool breeze, but add some reggae tunes and you take it to a whole new level of awesomeness, I feel like I'm on vacation and should have a margarita in my Sigg bottle.

Today we made a short trip to a friends house for some fun and came home in time for lunch with Kyle. I finally managed my first cough free ride today since that awful cold we caught, which is encouraging because I hate riding along gasping for air.

I'm still keeping up my food diary, and whilst I haven't made any changes yet it is giving me more insight into when and what I eat. I feel so confused about food, I think I probably know more about nutrition than some specialists, what I lack however, is the direction needed to incorporate positive changes that are sustainable within my lifestyle.  I have started to drink more water and less coffee, I drink tea fairly regularly but I'm unconvinced that it's bad for ones health, in fact the benefits to me personally, outweigh any adverse ones. I have also started to wean myself from late night snacking, which is really a lot harder than one might think.

We have added an evening walk to our routine and it really is a lovely habit that I have missed. The great thing about toddlers is once you get them in a routine they very rarely let you forget it, so Jack's pre-dinner routine is now collecting all the things he wants to take with him for the post-dinner walk, he then places all these items in the stroller, pushes the stroller to the front door and sits in it, impatiently waiting for dinner to be over. I love the fact that Jack always inadvertently inspires and motivates me to do better, I wouldn't be on this journey without him, it really is a wonderful thing that he brings about these changes in our lives and he does so without even knowing he has. I imagine he will continue to do this throughout his entire life.

Ready to ride today- we left yesterday's load on so we could use the tents again.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Music on the Mundo - Bicycle Bling!

Ready to play, the Yuba loaded with tents and a crawl tunnel

After being sick on and off for the greater part of two weeks it felt great to get out and enjoy a lovely sunny day. We had arranged a play-date at the local park, so I packed a little lunch. a whole bunch of toys including a crawl tunnel and two pop-up tent, slathered on some sun-block and set up me new MP3 player and off we went.

After creek time the Mundo became a clothes dryer.

There were eight kids and four parents for our play-date, so you can guarantee we all had a blast and a lot of exercise herding the little ones- who all had a wonderful time!  Jack and I weren't the only ones cruising in style on this gorgeous day, we got to meet one of our neighbors who lives just a few blocks and owns 2 Xtracycles with her husband.

A neighbor's cool ride

I really, REALLY love riding with music. It made such a difference to our ride and made it almost easier to move because I could get into a rhythm with the music. Jack loved it and sang his little heart out the whole way to the park, he probably would have sung all the way home too, except he could barely keep his eyes open. I got a speaker specially designed to strap to handlebars and a MP3 player, both for under $30! You can spend up to $150 on bike specific music players- but this frugal setup works great! The speaker has a power switch and a volume control on the outside and has a pocket to hold the MP3 player, the tone of the music is surprisingly decent, I'm really impressed with it. Of course, common sense dictates not playing music really loudly and being more careful around people and traffic, but this is excellent for empty streets and cycle paths. In my area it is not uncommon for me to ride 30 minutes without seeing a moving vehicle so I feel pretty confident about using it.

Jack & his best pal Lydia playing in the creek.
Overall we had a lovely ride, a great time with friends and I'm looking forward to our next ride. It felt so good to get back in the saddle, but I have a lot of catching up to do after missing so many rides when I was sick. Tomorrow I have another outing planned and the forecast looks great for the foreseeable future.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Child's Bike Seat Weather Protector VIDEO!


Here it is at long last, the video tutorial for my Child's Bike Seat Weather Protector- take a look! I've had a few people ask about it and ask numerous questions, I hope this helps to answer some of them. Excuse my shoddy camera skills and tongue twisted-ness.

Jack and I were under the weather all weekend (cough and cold) and then by Monday I had a bleeding ulcer! Feeling tons better today and thinking I should be able to take a short bike ride later. I can't wait to ride because I have a new gadget on my bike- an MP3 player and speaker!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Getting professional help!

I've been needing a new riding cap as my wool one is getting a bit too warm, luckily I entered a little photo competition on Yuba's Facebook page and won myself a very nice cotton cap. Because I have such a charming and willing model available to me, I thought I'd share this picture of Jack and I having post-nap snuggles yesterday afternoon. Thanks for the cool cap Yuba!

Prior to this, we had taken a short ride to a friends house for a play-date. It has been unusually wet weather lately for this area and it continued today, however, our timing could not have been any more perfect because as we rode up the driveway large rain droplets started to fall around us and within a few minutes a torrential rain storm ensued that would have been miserable to ride in.

I felt a complete lack of energy for the ride, I'm not sure if it's because I haven't taken a long ride in a few days or if it's because I'm still under the weather a bit, but either way I was far from energetic. I'm still having trouble with my breathing and my sinuses are clogged so I'm sure that is why. Today is our group ride and I'm hoping there is less rain and more energy- come on mother nature, work with me here!

In health related news, I have finally enlisted professional help for my journey. I found Naomi, a Holistic Health Coach, online and she is going to help me with some health issues I have and give me some much needed guidance with nutrition. I'm really excited to begin this new part of my journey and to start facing my demons head on, but I am also petrified of the change and work ahead of me. So far the only change I've made is to start keeping a record of everything I eat. Of course even that isn't as simple as it sounds, because I find myself thinking "I don't want to eat this if I have to write it down and share it with Naomi", but as that is the entire point of the food tracking, I have forced myself to be completely "normal" with my choices. Naomi has a Facebook page HERE, if you get a chance go check it out!

We've made some great friends and found excellent support in our journey and once in a while I'm able to help others, which is really cool. I wrote my post about Epiphanies of a new Cyclist just last week and was contacted by the people at San Antonio Bike Share shortly afterwards. They asked if they could use it as a guest post on their blog, and of course I said yes! Well, I literally blushed when I read their kind words and felt very re-inspired to do my best on this journey. I also fell in love with the idea of bike shares, it seems a shame to me that they are generally limited to larger cities. I know Walla Walla would benefit greatly from a bike share, people could use them to visit all the wineries! San Antonio's program seems to be an extremely good value to me and I know I would utilize such a program even if I had my own bike, I'd love the idea of jumping on a bus and heading downtown to rent a bike and explore.

Today will be a busy day if we get to do our organized family ride...I say "IF" because as I type this and glance out the window, the sky is chock full of rain clouds. All this rain is quite out of the ordinary for this part of Washington and is far more suited to the western side of the state, still within a few weeks we'll all be complaining about it being too hot!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Worst ride EVER.

I'm not sure where all of our sunny weather ran away too, but my guess is it got blown away by the ridiculously strong winds we've had recently. After being sick all weekend we decided to head out yesterday for a short ride to "test the waters" especially appropriate term considering the amount of rainfall we've had. Well, I'd expected to feel a little sick, but the strenuous breathing aggravated my cold and then combined with the wind and rain pelting me in my eyeballs, this trip truly was my least favorite EVER! I had such a bad coughing fit that I was reminded of my days as a smoker and I could barely breath, then the coughing brought on the feeling of nausea and my ears got plugged and I started to feel like I had the spins again! Oh, yes, did I mention least favorite ride EVER! Still, I remain in good cheer because I'd felt like a bit of a wuss up until that point, but when I realized how sick I've been, it made me feel justified in taking some time to rest.  We'll be back on the bike soon, until then we're drinking lots of tea and enjoying a few play-dates with friends brave enough to hang out with us!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Epiphanies of a new cyclist and a little update-

Today it's raining like there is no end in sight. Jack had a playdate this morning and is now enjoying a much needed nap (needed by me, possibly more so than him, but hey...) I have been incredibly sick this weekend, and am just now starting to feel better, despite the fact that all the coughing and sneezing has now put my back out! Oh, if it's not one thing, it's another! Still, if there is one thing this last two months have taught me, it is to go with the flow and keep moving forward through it all. This too shall pass and we shall be out riding soon.

I added a new header to the blog a few days ago, and then above in the cross bar you will see a new feature- Epiphanies of a new cyclist . I will be adding to this list as time passes and ideas come, so check on it from time to time. If you have any comments or advice to add, feel free to leave a comment. Also, while you are here- drop over to my Facebook page and "like" it!

Friday, June 1, 2012

What DOES a Yuba Boda Boda look like?

I don't know... but I think I will try to imagine it! Yuba's got a new bike, the Boda Boda and you can enter to win one by submitting your idea for what it looks like! I'm going to sharpen my pencils and get sketching, whose with me? Click on the link for details.