Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Ride & BBQ

Father's Day has become so much more meaningful since having a child. It used to be a time when I contemplated my awkward and mostly non-existent relationship with my own Father, but these days it's so much more fun to hang out with my two favorite guys and celebrate their relationship. Kyle and Jack drove to the store, grabbed groceries and had breakfast cooking by the time I was waking up, since this never usually happens, it was a pretty awesome day for me too.

I wish we'd have caught the actual kite in this shot- but you can see the string!

After breakfast we went and flew a kite at the fields near our house, it was Jack's first time flying a kite and he was pretty amazed by the experience. I love seeing his eyes so bright with excitement and wonder, parenthood is so good for me, I love reliving all these childhood pleasures.

Tomatoes and a Zucchini plant gracing the front walk

Earlier in the year I had planted a whole bunch of tomato seeds, we finally transported them into the ground, along with a big zucchini plant that was waiting to get out of the pot. I've never grown all my garden from seed before and feel pretty proud of all my little plants. The string is my old laundry line, I'm hoping it will keep Beatrix off the plants, shes a lazy dog so I don't think the idea of ducking under the line will appeal to her when she could just walk around. Indecently, speaking of the lazy dog, we also gave her a bath in the back yard which might possibly be the highlight of Jack's weekend and the lowest point of Beatrix's. Jack was ecstatic that we were all torturing the dog together, whereas he's usually the one getting told off for sneaking up on her in the yard and dumping water on her back, that he's collected from his water play table.

Beatrix is one of those so called "vicious" breeds, obviously she never got the "bite children" memo...or possibly she was just raised with love!
The only part of the day that I didn't get pictures of was our BBQ. Now usually I wouldn't snap a picture of a pork chop and put it on my blog, but this BBQ was so good that I may have considered replacing my blogs header with a picture of my plate. We had roasted corn, grilled veggies and the best pork chop I've ever tasted. EVER. Now, I'm not sure my health coach will be as enthusiastic about my pork chop love, but it was a special occasion. 

The big blue bike got stored in the dining room, and mine is in the utility room. We need a door on our carport!

We followed up the BBQ with an evening ride on the Mundo bikes, and the weather was glorious. The wind had finally subsided and it wasn't so blazing hot. Jack rode in his PJ's and my clothes where so miss-matched Kyle burst into laughter every time he looked at me. I was far from cycle-chic with my purple sweatpants, red t-shirt and big orange bike, but the whole cycle-chic movement is kind of lost on me, I embrace the bike for its power to move people, rather than as a fashion statement. 

Cruising in the campus at dusk

Kyle is in love with the Mundo, he keeps commenting about how comfortable it is, how smooth and relaxed it feels. I finally got my first peek at the new Yuba Boda Boda (visit my Facebook page for pics I found online) and it's so stunningly beautiful. I think the combination of a lower step-through point and a lighter weight frame makes it a shoe-in for me and my lifestyle. Anyone who reads my blog will know I'm a huge fan of Yuba and this new bike has made me even more so! I think if Kyle rides my orange bike and I get a Boda Boda we will be one happy yuberiffic family!


  1. Hey,pork chops (especially BBQ'd) is GOOD eatin's!!! :D

    I remember before Jamie came along (which is WELL before Nick),the Wife asked me one Father's Day jokingly "what do you want for Dad's Day?","To be a Dad" was my witty reply,and the next year,there came Jamie,LOL! You're right,that day means SO much more with kids of your own. I only wish I hadn't missed so much (especially the years Jack is currently enjoying) with mine due to occupational choice.

    I haven't seen it yet,I must needs go to your FB and peruse the new Yuba!

    The DC

    1. No more porky chops for me, for a month anyway- lol

  2. "this BBQ was so good that I may have considered replacing my blogs header with a picture of my plate" haha!
    Seriously though, that painted-look photograph is the best, don't change it unless you have a better one (porkchops don't count). I still would have tried to get a picture of it to share, though, maybe with a big bite missing :)

    Hubby and I are successfully moved to Colorado, currently staying in a basement room of our friend's house. With luck, my interview tomorrow will be great (I haven't had a bad one yet in this profession, but you never know...) and I'll have a letter of intent-to-hire so that the apartment we have on hold can become ours. I HATE househunting.

    Anyway, I'm glad you had a great father's day, and I'll continue catching up on blogs now.

    1. Hello RETF- You know I thought about getting a picture of it, but to be honest I couldn't leave it alone to run for the camera- too tasty!
      Glad you got moved- I hope life gets back to that easy pace for you soon!


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