Saturday, June 16, 2012

Seeking Simple Solutions to Complicated Questions.

It has surely been a while since we've enjoyed a family ride, but today we did, and it was just as good as I thought it would be. Kyle has been having some tendinitis bought on by too much computer work and hasn't been able to ride his bike, so we borrowed one that has a more relaxed seating position and is overall just more comfortable to ride.

Kyle being goofy before the ride.
A few weeks ago I went to our local grocery store and bumped into someone wanting to sell a Mundo- yes, that really happened, what are the odds? I knew it wasn't in the works for us, but called our friend who has become a bit of a cargo bike collector in the last few months, since he first rode my Mundo. Sure enough we were able to play matchmaker and our friend got a great deal on this beautiful blue Yuba. As I said, he has collected a few bikes and was kind enough to let us borrow this one for the weekend, so we could enjoy a Father's Day bike ride.

The weather was stunning and blazing hot so our ride turned into a 5 miler with a pit stop at the park for playtime and creek paddling.

My camera has a huge black spot in the LCD screen, so from now on I'm shooting blind, which makes me exceptionally happy with this shot, because it came out pretty good. I know I should go get a new camera, but my laptop is on it's last legs too and we still need to solve Kyle's bike issues. I'm pretty excited about the thought of Yuba's new Boda Boda, sure I have no idea what it looks like, but the term "Cargo Cruiser" sounds intriguing.

Apparently everyone thought the creek at the park sounded like a great place to be, because there must have been 20 little kids charging back and forth. The campus on the other hand, has just hosted graduation so the grounds are empty, but impeccably manicured. It was a lovely ride.

Tomorrow we're looking forward to another ride, maybe a long one, depending on how the heat is. It's Father's Day here in the U.S. which means a BBQ of pork chops and a fresh green salad from the garden, which is coming along nicely. I'm feeling very thankful for today, I'm trying to remember to be thankful for everyday of this journey. Jack is getting bigger and stronger, he seems to be gaining more and more of himself with everyday that passes, and I sense his baby-ness disappearing, which is heart wrenching and delightful all at once. I heard him ask for a "burger" the other day and have felt more compelled ever since, to rock this year. I had no idea he even knew what a damned burger was, I was devastated.

Parenthood is such a momentous responsibility it can be overwhelming at times. As I write this I am reminded of a post I shared on my Facebook page yesterday. It said "The bicycle is a simple solution to some of the world's most complicated questions". I'm going to keep that with me now, and consider it my personal mantra "The bicycle is a simple solution to some of parenting's most complicated questions."


  1. Hey there! Yuba just promo'd the new bike today in Portland for the First Annual Disaster Relief Trials (cargo bike racing! with loads of 100lbs). The new bike is a shorter version, more Dutch looking, with same bag carrying abilities and attachment points on front of frame for integrated kids chair. Pretty nice looking..! If I had kids I'd be VERY tempted. With as much as you all like the Mundos' I'm guessing you'll love this one.
    Thanks for writing this blog, I like dropping in and 'catching up' with how you all are doing. Woohoo!!

    1. I'd heard about the Disaster Relief Trials- wish we could have been there. I'm insanely jealous that I still have yet to see what the new yuba looks like, and although your description sounds awesome- it does not sound like the picture I turned in, I don't think mine looked very dutch- which means I probably won't be winning one...bummer. If I had the spare cash I'd have hopped on Amtrak just to see the bike- and my family that live down there of course;)

      Thanks for reading my blog! Cheers, Lindsay

  2. Your last paragraph reminded me of this quote: "When man invented the bicycle he reached the peak of his attainments. Here was a machine of precision and balance for the convenience of man. And (unlike subsequent inventions for man's convenience) the more he used it, the fitter his body became. Here, for once, was a product of man's brain that was entirely beneficial to those who used it, and of no harm or irritation to others. Progress should have stopped when man invented the bicycle." ~Elizabeth West


    1. That is beautiful- I think I will post that on my FB page;) Thank you!

  3. I'm glad y'all had a nice Father's Day! We did as well (as a family-if you had read the previous few blog entries,the Wife and I areworking through our issues and have re-and completely commited to us),but it entailed no grand ride. Next year's most definately will,a FAMILY ride,as we are working now (finally,not just saying we would,but actually doing something about it) on teaching the Wife to ride using the pair of Schwinn's (Jamie's and the Loop folder),yay!

    REALLY neat that there was a second Mundo to use,I bet that made the ride neat,as well as just great. Our local park that has creek (pronounced "crick" :p )also was full of kids,and kids at heart Sunday. No riding,but we had an awesome day too :)

    Don't feel too badly about your drawing...mine didn't look very Dutch-like either...and I'm embarrassed to say that with everythign that was going on here,mine never made it to post. Ah well...enjoying the heck out of my Xtracycle in the mean time,still planning/hoping for a Mundo tax season next year :)

    The DC


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