Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day 3 of 30 - went around the block.

Yep, I know it's kinda cheating, but it was really windy and really cold. It's all about the habit, right?

I started another blog, care to join me?

I have a new blog, please take some time to check it out!

One month from now my family will be without a country. The simplest analogy I can come up with to explain our situation is to say my husband, Kyle, and I each have a key to open a door into a country. Kyle has an American key, and I have a British key. But in order for one of us to both enter the same country we need another key, for the deadbolt. We could buy the deadbolt key if we could both work, but when you fill out the paperwork to purchase the key for the deadbolt they require that only one of you is working, and that one person has to meet a certain level of income to support the other family members. But we, like most families in America and Britain, need two incomes to meet the living costs associated with a family of three. Does that make sense? I hope so, I know it’s confusing.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day 2 of 30 - I like to ride my Brr-Icicle!

Day 2 of 30

We took an exploratory trip around town, made a few stops and then cycled home when Jack started to complain he was too cold. Another day down, loving the bike, hating the cold. Good weather should be here soon! Right?

Ride Rating 7

Outside the grocery shop, plenty of parking.

A little neighbourhood park.

Playing in the setting sun.

A modern canal

Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 1 of 30 Days of Biking - Yeah, so we went for a ride and we were all like, "yeah look at us!" And the Dutch were all like "What is wrong with them?"

Day 1 of 30

The sun came out to play for the first time in what seems like ages and with it the cyclists, young and old to enjoy a day off from work and school.  Jack was very much ready to rock as he'd already spent the morning striding on his loopfiets in the living room.

The covered corral for bikes at our apartment building.
We headed for the park, no set destination but ducks and geese are always a hit when you have an almost 3 year old. We'd just arrived when I noticed my saddle mounting was really loose, upon further inspection it almost fell off, so Kyle went home for tools whilst Jack and I hung out with some sweet ducks and rather aggressive geese. It seems like geese rule the roost in parks here, they are everywhere, strutting about the neighbourhoods bringing pandemonium with them. They actually spot you from afar and go out of their way to cause havoc, it's pretty hilarious.

After the saddle was tightened we followed a path around the park and found an amazing petting zoo. This little farm is nestled in the centre of the park, and is a maze of small paddocks, hutches and homes for a variety of animals from chickens, sheep and goats to parakeets and guinea pigs. They also had a mass of children's scooters and tricycles, so we took the opportunity to get Jack on something with peddles. He picked out a trike and within about 5 minutes had the thing scooting right along. The whole petting zoo experience was lovely and the best part is it's all FREE for the community.

Ride Rating: 7
Based on incredibly cold wind, excessive whining from Jack because of incredibly cold wind and the unexpected issue with my saddle.

Beautiful day to visit some green-space.

Our bikes had some company at the bike rack...

More bikes awaited their owners by the gates...

...and another little cluster of everyday bikes hanging out.
A giant bunny, there was about 4 in there we think, some thought it was a good day to sleep it off after a bust weekend.

This pleasant little pig was a sweetheart, each animal had a companion so no one was stressed and lonely.

More ducks hanging out. The sheep and goats came to say hello too.
The view of the Petting Zoo from the park. The whole place was clean and well maintained, with healthy animals who all seemed relaxed and sociable. We are impressed!