Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I started another blog, care to join me?

I have a new blog, please take some time to check it out!

One month from now my family will be without a country. The simplest analogy I can come up with to explain our situation is to say my husband, Kyle, and I each have a key to open a door into a country. Kyle has an American key, and I have a British key. But in order for one of us to both enter the same country we need another key, for the deadbolt. We could buy the deadbolt key if we could both work, but when you fill out the paperwork to purchase the key for the deadbolt they require that only one of you is working, and that one person has to meet a certain level of income to support the other family members. But we, like most families in America and Britain, need two incomes to meet the living costs associated with a family of three. Does that make sense? I hope so, I know it’s confusing.

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