Friday, June 15, 2012

Bicycle + Baby + Beats = Beautiful

Adding music to my rides has been the best thing I've done since I got my cushy saddle. Of course riding is fun, especially on a lovely warm sunny day with a cool breeze, but add some reggae tunes and you take it to a whole new level of awesomeness, I feel like I'm on vacation and should have a margarita in my Sigg bottle.

Today we made a short trip to a friends house for some fun and came home in time for lunch with Kyle. I finally managed my first cough free ride today since that awful cold we caught, which is encouraging because I hate riding along gasping for air.

I'm still keeping up my food diary, and whilst I haven't made any changes yet it is giving me more insight into when and what I eat. I feel so confused about food, I think I probably know more about nutrition than some specialists, what I lack however, is the direction needed to incorporate positive changes that are sustainable within my lifestyle.  I have started to drink more water and less coffee, I drink tea fairly regularly but I'm unconvinced that it's bad for ones health, in fact the benefits to me personally, outweigh any adverse ones. I have also started to wean myself from late night snacking, which is really a lot harder than one might think.

We have added an evening walk to our routine and it really is a lovely habit that I have missed. The great thing about toddlers is once you get them in a routine they very rarely let you forget it, so Jack's pre-dinner routine is now collecting all the things he wants to take with him for the post-dinner walk, he then places all these items in the stroller, pushes the stroller to the front door and sits in it, impatiently waiting for dinner to be over. I love the fact that Jack always inadvertently inspires and motivates me to do better, I wouldn't be on this journey without him, it really is a wonderful thing that he brings about these changes in our lives and he does so without even knowing he has. I imagine he will continue to do this throughout his entire life.

Ready to ride today- we left yesterday's load on so we could use the tents again.


  1. Is that MP3 player made specifically for bicycles?

    I'm happy that you abstained from headphones.

    1. No- it's just a generic MP3 player available at most big box stores or online- made by COBY. The speaker is made for bicycles- but is also sold just about anywhere, it's made by iLuv.

      Yes headphones were out for me, for one I wanted Jack to enjoy music too, but mostly, personally that wouldn't feel safe to me.

      Thanks for always commenting Cullen!

  2. It was great to hear your voices!
    That seems like a great setup. I am eager to copy it.
    Nice blog!

    1. If you can't find one locally they have them on Amazon- I posted a link on my facebook page with a close up picture of the speaker.

      Thanks Davey Oil-


  3. Thank you for this inspiration! I definitely need to set up my bike (and the Yuba) with music!

  4. I wish I could safely use something like that-maybe on my rail-trail bike camping-just too much traffic I ride in here. I HAD to show that to Tina (the Wife),Jack made us both "AWE" and giigle :)

    The DC

  5. Great article you got here since you wrote about a very inspiring bicycling experience topic!


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