Thursday, June 14, 2012

Music on the Mundo - Bicycle Bling!

Ready to play, the Yuba loaded with tents and a crawl tunnel

After being sick on and off for the greater part of two weeks it felt great to get out and enjoy a lovely sunny day. We had arranged a play-date at the local park, so I packed a little lunch. a whole bunch of toys including a crawl tunnel and two pop-up tent, slathered on some sun-block and set up me new MP3 player and off we went.

After creek time the Mundo became a clothes dryer.

There were eight kids and four parents for our play-date, so you can guarantee we all had a blast and a lot of exercise herding the little ones- who all had a wonderful time!  Jack and I weren't the only ones cruising in style on this gorgeous day, we got to meet one of our neighbors who lives just a few blocks and owns 2 Xtracycles with her husband.

A neighbor's cool ride

I really, REALLY love riding with music. It made such a difference to our ride and made it almost easier to move because I could get into a rhythm with the music. Jack loved it and sang his little heart out the whole way to the park, he probably would have sung all the way home too, except he could barely keep his eyes open. I got a speaker specially designed to strap to handlebars and a MP3 player, both for under $30! You can spend up to $150 on bike specific music players- but this frugal setup works great! The speaker has a power switch and a volume control on the outside and has a pocket to hold the MP3 player, the tone of the music is surprisingly decent, I'm really impressed with it. Of course, common sense dictates not playing music really loudly and being more careful around people and traffic, but this is excellent for empty streets and cycle paths. In my area it is not uncommon for me to ride 30 minutes without seeing a moving vehicle so I feel pretty confident about using it.

Jack & his best pal Lydia playing in the creek.
Overall we had a lovely ride, a great time with friends and I'm looking forward to our next ride. It felt so good to get back in the saddle, but I have a lot of catching up to do after missing so many rides when I was sick. Tomorrow I have another outing planned and the forecast looks great for the foreseeable future.


  1. Cool! I have been meaning to set up a little sound system all year. What is the name of the speaker you're using? I feel like I should go find an enormous 80's boom box since I have all the cargo space ;) but I'll go for small speakers hooked up to my iPhone, probably.

    1. It's an iLuv speaker- I got it at Bi-Mart, but have seen the identical one in Shopko too and both places it was $10! Seriously for $10 it's a bargain! I was going to post a picture of it on here, but Jack woke up. I will go snap one now and post it on my YAGJ Facebook page. Get one, you'll wonder why you didn't sooner!

    2. That looks like a neat setup,Lindsay! Also looks like y'all had a great time that day,and it's always nice to catch up to a fellow cargo-cyclist for a photo-op. I'm glad you two are feeling better as well.

      I've been off a few days,missed some posts,catching up today. My own blog accidently got deleted (not a Wordpress issue) and I could not recover any of the content,nor use the same url,but I'm back on and have started fresh (I had to ad a "the" to the addy,it's now " ").

      The DC


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