Thursday, August 23, 2012

Moving in the right direction

It's just past 5am and a bout of insomnia has left me with some precious me time with which to update my blog, it seems these days have me scrambling to find time and while it's great that I'm busy, it's not great that my posts have been sparse. Maybe it's just the reality of the moment and I should just be okay with it for now.

I asked for help and ideas, and received so many that replying to each one has left me overwhelmed. I generally reply to each and every comment, but my last post may be one that takes a while to catch up with, I know everyone will understand!

Amongst all the ideas, a few really shone for me, one of them included the consideration of hiring a driver with a van, almost a chauffeur if you will. I would never have dreamed it would be an affordable option, but a message passed to me via Facebook, promised it to be. So we looked into it and sure enough for under two hundred pound we can hire someone to drive us and all our gear to just about anywhere within our search area. When you consider a van hire alone is more than that, it really is a bargain! I thought it was some kind of scam to start with and researched various companies just to be sure, and yes, it's true you can hire a guy to stand at the airport with a little sign with your name on it, he'll retrieve and load your luggage, he'll pay for the petrol/gas and deal with the congestion while you relax and check out the scenery and best of all you won't pay much more than the cost of 4 train tickets.

Of course two hundred pounds still equates to about twice that in dollars, and as this is the world's most  frugal international move we are still hoping to find another way to pull it all together, basically the way I see it, is the more money we save now the larger our cushion is until we start receiving paychecks in Sterling, or should I say paycheques? My U.S. based blogger account is convinced that's a typo.

I don't generally delve into much detail here about my health, or lack thereof. I know I've mentioned that my cycling adventure started partly due to my quest for better health, but the other side that I tend to keep to myself, is that I have some serious health issues that have gone unchecked for years, as I, like many, many Americans do not have health insurance. I know, silly me, I spend all our "extra" money making ends meet, but that's another story. My point is, I really need to see a Doctor and I thought I should share that because many people seem confused by our rush to get there quickly. Of course it's not just that, we have been dreaming of this move for years and had planned that 2014 would be THE year, but recently some new health issues, or rather old ones that have gotten worse really took hold and it has become apparent that something is definitely wrong with me. Plus, I yearn and I mean literally long for until I'm sick to my stomach, my homeland. I love my fair island and although England has it's own set of problems, there at least I can deal with them over a good cup of tea and some fish and ships, or perhaps a pasty.

A few readers have mentioned I should have a "support me" type button on my page, is it okay to ask for help? I've been assured it is, but I still feel awkward about it, but also honored that people would even consider helping us. I'm unsure, so maybe I shall include my email address in this post, and then if by chance someone can offer us assistance in anyway they can email us and we can make arrangements that way, plus it's always nice to hear from a friendly face. youaintgotjack(at)yahoo(dot)com I did consider putting our street address, but decided even if we are moving, that might not be too bright!

And so the little one awakes, and it's off to work for me. I have been selling items online lately and am amazed at the amount of stuff we've managed to accumulate in the 2 years that we've lived here, I'm truly excited to own nothing more than what I can fit in a few suitcases, and some bikes of course!


  1. Did you know people can send you money through PayPal by just having your email address? That's plenty of info to share. :-)

    I want to make sure we meet when you come pick up your Boda, even if it's just to say "hi" and let our kids run around a park. kath at youell dot com. :-)

    1. I had no idea! This is why I have people to read this stuff and keep me on track lol, thanks Kath!
      I know ! We must meet before we leave, it's going to be dismally depressing saying goodbye to so many wonderful people, friends and family too...not to mention our wonderful dog! I actually can't think about it as it's too depressing and makes me cry.

  2. I'm so glad to hear it is coming together! The great part about twitter and blogs is they will work in the UK! I look forward to hearing of your adventures!
    Kath had a great tip on paypal! Yay!! Remember it is just as much a gift for the giver as it is for the receiver! Wonderful luck and lots of loves!

  3. Chin up, Lindsay. The tough times in life shape your personality and your perspective on life. You'll find that there's generally more nice people on the planet than evil ones. Keep doing the right thing, and you'll be rewarded, somehow, some way, in the end. :)


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