Friday, August 24, 2012

Regretably Offered For Sale - Yuba Mundo

There will always be things you part with along the way that beat you up, as our journey continues the things I part with that will truly hurt will include this bike. It's been a life changer, a steady reliable friend and I honestly love it, I will cry when we part.

With that being said, I know that I have a new bike arriving in the next few weeks and that it encompasses everything I need and want in a bike, but this steed pictured here, has served me well, it has altered the path of my life and in doing so has made it necessary for us to part. I don't think we'd even be moving right now if I hadn't gotten the boost in confidence this bike has given me.

There are numerous reasons that make it impractical for the Mundo to stay in our family, but in the end it all comes back to finances. We can't afford to keep it because it adds too much to our travel costs, and our budget is literally so tight that I can't justify the extra costs of keeping it and not freeing up a little cash instead, and trust me I have tried, and tried, and tried. It's not even that the money we receive from the sale will provide a cushion for survival, I'm not sure we'd be able to move without selling it, we literally need every penny.

We've decided to sell it as a complete set-up, I'm going to buy another child's seat the other end and recreate the sun-shade / rain cover on the Boda Boda (which will NEVER leave my company). I thought about taking the seat and canopy with me, but I felt like it would be a shame to dismantle such an amazing vehicle for change. I would love nothing more than to see another parent and child/children enjoy this bike and let it take them to new places, I want to share the love of the Yuba Mundo! 

Yuba Mundo
Running Boards (not pictured, brand new, never installed)
Go-Getter Pannier Bag
Stand Alone Kick Stand
Peanut Shell Seat with Sun Shade set-up and Rain Cover
Cateye Computer
Original tires with thorn proof liners
With original saddle (not pictured)


Contact me at youaintgotjack(at)yahoo(dot)com for more details.
Shipping costs are not covered in this price.

(STOP- read this post to see an update on the Yuba Mundo >> UPDATE)

Clicking my mouse on "publish" for this post is painful.


  1. A very nice Cargo Bike. Hopefully when you come over to this side of the great pond you can get another just like it or a Bakfiets or a Bulitt Cargo Bike.I wish you well in your new life in UK,Happy Cycling.

  2. It makes me sad to read this post... you could always find comfort in the fact that you at least got a chance to ride it, a chance to love it...

    I know, considering your current circumstances, picking a buyer would be difficult, maybe impossible, but if you could have a chance to sell the mundo to a fellow blogger. You could perhaps follow it's next life.

    I hope the best for you and your family in all your future endeavors...

    Be safe and be green...

  3. Ahhh if It were a different time I would so love to give your Mundo a new life in our family!
    Fret not! The future is so bright!


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