Friday, August 24, 2012

Always trust your bike community to have your back. Always.

Always trust your bike community to have your back. Always.

Do bikes just attract decent people? I don't know, but it sure seems like it. Maybe it just comes down to people who like bikes see beyond the surface and notice the details between the lines, much like when we're riding, how we notice the little things beside the road that car drivers would never notice.

Here are the reasons I am selling the Mundo:
  • It costs money to fly or ship the bikes and the mundo is a big bike, costing more than average.
  • If we sell the Mundo it enables us to have a little more grocery and rent money for the period between paychecks, something we really need.
  • Once we've landed, if we fly with our bikes they inhibit our ability to take public transportation.

I have been encouraged by many friends to reach out for help at this time, to not sell the Mundo but rather to ask for help in the costs associated with getting it to England. Would you help us?

If we could keep our bikes not only would they obviously improve our lives just by their very existence, but also they would enable us to have an easier time finding work, getting Jack to school, getting healthier, even aiding us in earning money, but mostly this journey is far from finished and this doesn't feel like how things should end.

Of course, taking the Mundo means we won't free up that extra money towards living expenses but I am seriously considering doing an art sale or possibly even a car wash to help raise some funds to give us a little more cushion and room to breath.

Ultimately I can't offer much more than my sincere thanks for all that has been given to me here within the cyber pages of my blog, but maybe this time a little hand written note of thanks would be an acceptable sign of my appreciation?

If you feel like you could help us in some way or with a small contribution to the fund,  please send me an email for directions or if you prefer you can use PayPal and our email address, which is youaintgotjack(at)yahoo(dot)com

I would never have dreamed of writing this post had I not been moved to, by my dear friends around the world who encourage me and support me, I have been told I should ask and I will receive, you know who you are. Much love and gratitude that my limited words will never be able to express fully.


  1. Thanks for the inspirational blog, Lindsay. I just chipped in via PayPal to say thanks. Good luck with the move!

    1. Thank you so much Mark, would love to send you a thank you card if you would forward your address to my email;) Sincerely, L


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