Monday, August 27, 2012

Ask and you will receive!

It has been a few days now since we announced we were getting ready to sell the beloved Mundo. The responses we have received really helped cement a fighting spirit within us, that we do need to keep this journey moving forward completely and not let circumstances force us to part ways with something that has been and will continue to be (if all works out) a huge asset to our family. The outpouring of generosity (or you could call it love, or community spirit too) has been so utterly wonderful, beyond words really. A huge thank you to everyone who has chipped in so far to help keep the Mundo as part of our lives, and therefore this blog. The Mundo is far from being 100% off the chopping block, but we have a few more months so I'm hoping we can keep working towards making the ends meet. If you can or have helped out with a donation to the "Save the Mundo" campaign as it's been called, rest assured that if we end up not raising enough I will return all the funds in the paypal account.

When I'm talking to people about our move they assume that I must have family in England, as why else would we go, when I tell them we actually don't have any relatives that we are in contact with, they ask us if we will be lonely, obviously a totally valid question. I think there will be a lengthy period or readjusting to the British way of life, but I think we'll be too busy finding work and learning our way around to really have time to notice we're on our own, and also, as we travel with bicycles we take our community with us. I now know people all over the world that I feel a kinship with, and that I take with me anywhere I have an internet connection. 

We are so excited to move, it is such an adventure, a little intimidating at times but also it's a huge relief that things like healthcare will be available, and Cornish pasties too of course. Some of the other things I look forward to are far less explainable, like the air and smells of England. It's all very romanticized in my memory of course, images of hedgerows, small windy roads and little pubs whose very bones are permeated with the smell of good beer, but my inner sense also keenly remembers the sheer amount of rubbish/trash I saw at one particular railway station in Birmingham, it was knee deep!

In the spirit of ask and you shall receive, I have another favor to ask of my readers- If you happen to live in the southern part of England (draw an imaginary, fuzzy line between Gloucester and Colchester) or know anyone that does, could you please keep an eye out for the following:

Wanted to rent starting mid to late October:

1-2 bedroom, preferably partial or fully furnished, but not necessary. 
Can be small and compact, preferably economical
2 adults and 1 little boy
Ideally located in a town or easily accessible to town of no less than approximately 80,000 people (more the merrier)
Must have a secure spot to store two larger bikes (no third floor flats, unless they have a lift, etc.)
Non-smoking household, enjoy the greener things in life, pretty low key really (boring).

We can provide 2-3 months rent up front, excellent prior rental references. Currently, as you all know, I'm a stay at home Mum and Kyle is in banking and we both have a steady history of employment and are generally go getter types.

The email for correspondence and the "Save the Mundo" PayPal fund is youaintgotjack(AT)yahoo(DOT)com 

Thank you for your support and friendship!


  1. Have I told you that when we moved to Portland we knew no one? It's true. We just jumped. You can and WILL do this, and it will feel great!

  2. I am in the military and move every two years or so. Recently we moved to Australia and although we had a sponsor-talked to ahead of time, a job lined up, and one family member in the city we were assigned to, it was pretty much starting over. Bake a batch of cookies or buy some at the store if you can't get that far and go meet some neighbors. Now find one activity to choose to take part in order to meet people. Church is a great start, but it could be something else. Actively court relationships you will find good people everywhere you go.
    Having a bike to get around can make a huge difference. Even if you only have one for the family through or immediately after the move. I can't figure out what your current plan is, I think a Boda Boda you are buying now???
    The best years of my childhood are also the leanest ones so don't worry about your two year old missing out on things due to money. Love is what he needs most, and just enough to eat.


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