Saturday, June 9, 2012

Getting professional help!

I've been needing a new riding cap as my wool one is getting a bit too warm, luckily I entered a little photo competition on Yuba's Facebook page and won myself a very nice cotton cap. Because I have such a charming and willing model available to me, I thought I'd share this picture of Jack and I having post-nap snuggles yesterday afternoon. Thanks for the cool cap Yuba!

Prior to this, we had taken a short ride to a friends house for a play-date. It has been unusually wet weather lately for this area and it continued today, however, our timing could not have been any more perfect because as we rode up the driveway large rain droplets started to fall around us and within a few minutes a torrential rain storm ensued that would have been miserable to ride in.

I felt a complete lack of energy for the ride, I'm not sure if it's because I haven't taken a long ride in a few days or if it's because I'm still under the weather a bit, but either way I was far from energetic. I'm still having trouble with my breathing and my sinuses are clogged so I'm sure that is why. Today is our group ride and I'm hoping there is less rain and more energy- come on mother nature, work with me here!

In health related news, I have finally enlisted professional help for my journey. I found Naomi, a Holistic Health Coach, online and she is going to help me with some health issues I have and give me some much needed guidance with nutrition. I'm really excited to begin this new part of my journey and to start facing my demons head on, but I am also petrified of the change and work ahead of me. So far the only change I've made is to start keeping a record of everything I eat. Of course even that isn't as simple as it sounds, because I find myself thinking "I don't want to eat this if I have to write it down and share it with Naomi", but as that is the entire point of the food tracking, I have forced myself to be completely "normal" with my choices. Naomi has a Facebook page HERE, if you get a chance go check it out!

We've made some great friends and found excellent support in our journey and once in a while I'm able to help others, which is really cool. I wrote my post about Epiphanies of a new Cyclist just last week and was contacted by the people at San Antonio Bike Share shortly afterwards. They asked if they could use it as a guest post on their blog, and of course I said yes! Well, I literally blushed when I read their kind words and felt very re-inspired to do my best on this journey. I also fell in love with the idea of bike shares, it seems a shame to me that they are generally limited to larger cities. I know Walla Walla would benefit greatly from a bike share, people could use them to visit all the wineries! San Antonio's program seems to be an extremely good value to me and I know I would utilize such a program even if I had my own bike, I'd love the idea of jumping on a bus and heading downtown to rent a bike and explore.

Today will be a busy day if we get to do our organized family ride...I say "IF" because as I type this and glance out the window, the sky is chock full of rain clouds. All this rain is quite out of the ordinary for this part of Washington and is far more suited to the western side of the state, still within a few weeks we'll all be complaining about it being too hot!


  1. Yuba randomly set me a deflopilator. I honestly have no idea why. Haha

    1. hahaha wow that's weird.

    2. They send you one for doing the warranty registration.

  2. Cool hat,my friend! Nice on finding more professional support,I hope it helps you out. Hasn't rained so much here lately (well...a couple of days it did,but I digress...). Happy weekend (or at least the last half,Saturday's gone already,LOL!).

    The Disabled Cyclist

  3. I haven't seen any posts from you lately (today is the 12th). I hope it isn't because you are still sickly.

    Just in case, for cheering up, you could visit my thread on in the general section. I been busy making things, and many of them make me smile, so I thought maybe they would brighten your day also.

    Would forum codes work in comments? It would make that link much less ugly. Test: [URL=""]HERE[/URL]


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