Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Worst ride EVER.

I'm not sure where all of our sunny weather ran away too, but my guess is it got blown away by the ridiculously strong winds we've had recently. After being sick all weekend we decided to head out yesterday for a short ride to "test the waters" especially appropriate term considering the amount of rainfall we've had. Well, I'd expected to feel a little sick, but the strenuous breathing aggravated my cold and then combined with the wind and rain pelting me in my eyeballs, this trip truly was my least favorite EVER! I had such a bad coughing fit that I was reminded of my days as a smoker and I could barely breath, then the coughing brought on the feeling of nausea and my ears got plugged and I started to feel like I had the spins again! Oh, yes, did I mention least favorite ride EVER! Still, I remain in good cheer because I'd felt like a bit of a wuss up until that point, but when I realized how sick I've been, it made me feel justified in taking some time to rest.  We'll be back on the bike soon, until then we're drinking lots of tea and enjoying a few play-dates with friends brave enough to hang out with us!


  1. OH! I hope you feel better soon! It's a sad day when you're too ill to even enjoy a bike ride, although you get major brownie points for even considering trying one in the rain as well.

    I likely would have just stayed sleeping. It seems to me to be the best cure for sickness, which is lucky because for me it is relatively easy to do most of the time. Cuddly puppies help, plus a heat-giving cuddling husband.

    Get better soon! <3

    (I'm hoping that I've avoided contracting this latest round of illnesses- kids have been disappearing randomly for a week now, but today is the last day of school.)

    1. Hello RETF!

      Hope you are well still and have avoided the plague!

      I have learned that the sicker I feel the more vibrant and energetic Jack is...he's like an energy vampire! Today I'm feeling a little better- just want to be less clogged up in the airways!

  2. I hate riding in the rain. I've done it recently (to keep my May riding going),but didn't enjoy it so much.

    I hope you getto feeling better soon,my friend,much thoughts and prayers headed your way.

    The DC


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