Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's Bodafull- pictures of Yuba's NEW Boda Boda

Yuba's Boda Boda bike is officially here and released and there's a lot to like. According to what I've read so far, it was designed to provide "everyday transportation to riders with modest cargo needs and limited bicycle storage." It's a pretty good bet that this bike will be popular and the fact that both models have a much lower top tube is a huge plus for the shorter folks like myself.

There are two colors available and two different frames. Above is the step-through model, I was glad to see the Peanut Shell will still work on this bike, and below you can see both bikes, with the beautiful vibrant green model in the foreground. Notice those cork grips and plush saddle, looks pretty classy, hey?

If, and it's a big IF, I was to be able to afford one of these bikes I would probably get two panniers, add the optional bamboo fenders and a front basket. Of course I'd need another double kickstand too. It adds up for sure, but this bike has a pretty affordable MSRP of $999 (electric version, available soon at $2,697 - I would LOVE that up-grade!)

It sure is a pretty bike and I hope I'm able to get one. Of course the Mundo would be staying with us too, Kyle would ride it as his bike and as much as I'm reluctant to hand over my beloved steed, at least I could still enjoy it from afar and take it out when I plan to carry a ton of cargo.

I know it's odd fro me to have a blog post full of "other" people on bikes- but I had to share these great pictures, I hope everyone enjoys seeing the new bike as much as I did. 

For all the technical details on this bike visit the awesome Joe Bike website, Joe can always be trusted to answer the technical questions!


  1. The Boda Boda looks REALLY sweet,Lindsay! And at $999 (I'm assuming the bike itself,no accessories?) it's definately a bargain,IMHO.

    I'm stll planning/hoping on a Yuba purchase come Spring,but it may be a BB rather than Mundo now,LOL,I really like the looks/style and size of it.

    With my Wife and I mending us,and attempting to "get into one another's worlds" more-things we're interested in and passionate about,I'll be starting tomorrow (her next day off) teaching her to ride a bike for her first time ever*,using one of the folders sized to fit her. I'd LOVE for her to become as passionate about cycling as a lifestyle as I,and se her go car-lite (or free) with something like this-I really think Yuba hit the nail on the head with the BB (and I'm more excited than I can remember ever being with the Wife wanting to share this passion with me finally!). Good post,IMHO,even without the cuteness of Jack in this one :p

    The Disabled Cyclist

    1. Hey TDC-

      Yes, I think its a good price too for a bike that can carry so much with a pretty light weight frame. And it's sooo pretty;)

  2. OOooohhhh...

    Why did it have to be green? That is my favorite color... and it's SO pretty.
    I haven't been for a bike ride since arriving in Colorado on Father's Day, and apparently I miss it more than I thought! I'm hoping with all my fingers and toes crossed that I can get a bus route from the West terminal here- it would be a distance suitable for bike commuting.
    (oh, I got the job, of course :P)

    1. Green is my fave colour too! It's simply the best- colour of grass and and envy too- but I ignore that. Hope things are going well for you!


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