Saturday, June 23, 2012

An interview with a cyclist- me;)

I enjoy doing interviews, I find them very interesting and rewarding, the characters and personalities offer a fun glance at a strangers life. Recently I got interviewed, which was a cool experience too and I found myself recalling little stories I'd long since forgotten, like the time I got accosted by a cyclist in North Portland. If you get a chance go check it out - My interview with Bike4heck.

This week I really hit a wall of exhaustion, I'm not sure why, it just happened. Kyle was sick for the first three days of the week, Jack was sick for a day or so, I didn't get enough sleep on any night. I made up for it last night and crashed before 8pm, enjoying a 12 hour slumber, which is unheard of for me. This week has been hot and dry during the day, with plenty of stormy nights to cool things off. I haven't ridden that much and feel slightly guilty about it, but not too much, I've come to realize that cycling is a part of my life now and I can't be bothered to get "worried" if I skip a day here and there.

My camera is officially DONE. The black spot on the LCD screen has spread like a plague, making my "point and shoot" more of a "point and hope".  Luckily for me, I continue to be supported in many ways by my cycling community and Sarah from I Bike U Bike has stuck an unused camera in the mail for me. Thank you Sarah, it's very much appreciated! As I don't have any pictures from this week, and I refuse to post without one, I shall leave you with this adorable shot of my little motivator.


  1. Great interview! I liked your detail for the questions asked.

    Sarah beat me to the punch- for once I actually could have helped someone. My future-roommate/friend found a camera that came with one of his game systems, so I now have a free upgrade. To be fair, though, I'm glad Sarah beat me- my old camera is VERY old :P

    I wouldn't be too worried about being tired easily- you were just sick for a week!

    1. Glad you liked it RETF! I tried to friend you on Facebook- did you get my message? Check your inbox, it would only let me "subscribe" and I'm not sure what the difference is.


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