Friday, June 29, 2012

Yuberific News- I won a Boda Boda! WOW!

My English language skills are such, that I lack the words to fully describe how incredibly happy, excited and appreciative I am at being able to announce that I won the Yuba contest for the Boda Boda Cargo Cruiser! I really can't believe it and find myself walking around the house with a permanent grin! Really, I won! It's just amazing! I cried and laughed at the same time, I continue to feel so very, very appreciative.

One of my sketches I turned in, it's got the same curvy style.

It is such a beautiful bike, but now I have to decide which color! The step-over frame is larger and comes in green only, the step-through model is smaller and available in white or green. All the specifications and details are available on the new website.

Another sketch- got the color right!

You can see all the entries to the contest on Yuba's blog. There were 38 entries and they are all awesome, so I feel really lucky to have won! I refer to the Boda Boda as my dream bike, because when I drew my vision of it, I literally designed it to be what I would want in cargo bike. Enough room for groceries, a passenger, lower step over, lighter and with classic style. To me this bike feels like a lifestyle changer, I really hope it lives up to my expectations, I think it will! Thank you to everyone that has joined in my happiness, I literally answered over 100 messages yesterday, and felt so much love from everyone!

When Kyle got home from work yesterday,  I told him about next months challenge (see yesterday's blog post). He was a little worried, but agreed to join me as long as he gets one meaty dish a week on his BBQ, so I will be enjoying a mushroom burger, while he chows on a steak probably! I plan on showing some recipe ideas throughout the month and sharing what I eat, because it will help me stay accountable, but also may inspire others to join us!

Of course, I also got to share my wonderful Boda news with Kyle too, he is just as excited about it as I am, because it means he gets to adopt my Mundo, or maybe foster is the word....Not sure I can give it up yet, can't I just ride them both? I've been showing pictures to Jack and he keeps pointing at the Boda saying "mumma and baby bike" - makes my heart swell with pride I tell you!


  1. WOW!!!! H-U-G-E CONGRADULATIONS,my friend!!! LOL,I just shouted a "WOOHOO!!!" out loud when I read that,as if I'd won something myself,LOL! My friend,I am SO happy for you,Jack and Kyle that it feels weird since you're an "e-friend" i'll most likely never meet,but my friend,I am-I'm thrilled :D :D :D I can't wait until you guys get it in,and show pics of the whole family puttering along on the Yubas together...a whole Yuba family! AWESOME!!! :D:D:D

    The Disabeld Cyclist

    1. Thank you TDC! Hard to believe hey? I'm just soooo excited about it! Thanks for always being a cheerful commentator! Lindsay

  2. St. Madonna del Ghisallo(the patron saint of bycling)is obviously watching you!

    I can't wait to read stories about your new ride. Congratulations.

  3. congrats and VERY WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!

    TRIPPLLE FIRSTS!!!!!!!!!

    & as a question, do you like your cloud 9 seat as much as I do? I drive over the streets of New Orleans and the roads are so bad they eat cars.... the side walks are 10" or more topsy turvy..... MY Cloud 9 absorbs what it can, Do you like yours?

    1. Hey Chris- I LOVE my cloud 9 saddle- it's like a recliner! Thanks for reading and the congrats;)


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