Monday, February 20, 2012

A Trek joins the team!

We went to the local bike store on Saturday to make the final payment on the Yuba and to browse bikes for the Husband.  I kept Jack busy by showing him the trikes and scooters, he had an awesome time trying out some pint sized versions and attempted to scale every bike in sight whilst repeating the word of the day- "bike" over and over like only a toddler can.

 It wasn't long before Kyle had found one he liked, that fitted him and the budget of $400.  It was really nice to see him so excited about the bike, I feel like we are now one step closer to achieving a healthier lifestyle. It also makes me so incredibly happy that Jack is so excited about bikes, I feel like if this year does nothing but instill a lifetime love of bicycles in Jack then it will have been a huge success.

Kyle picked out a Trek 3500, I knew he'd found "his" bike when he said it made him just want to keep going when on his test ride, that is exactly what I thought on my Yuba Mundo test ride. We picked out some fenders for it as he will be using it for work and picked up a second bike lock too. The fenders really made the bike look complete and at around $40 they were a solid investment for someone who works at a bank!
I asked Kyle to snap a picture of his bike for the blog and this is what I got- another bike in the kitchen picture!  These Bontrager tires are far less knobbly than the other mountain bike tires we saw so Kyle decided to keep them and just upgrade later. Having a second bike will be useful in many ways because I can ride it and tow Jack in the trailer if we have another snow storm.
Kyle figures he can ride to work and back twice a day (he comes home for lunch) for 3 out of the 5 work days. On the other two days he has to make business calls all over town so a vehicle will be necessary for now.  We predict that we will save about $25 in gas a week, so in approximately 3.5 months this bike will be earning it's keep, but I suspect that Kyle will feel the benefits of riding it a lot sooner than that. His job can be really stressful and having a little time to unwind on his way home will be really good for him and I'm sure Jack will be squealing with delight when he gets to see Daddy coming home on a bike!



  1. Great to hear that your husband is joining you. Yes he will enjoy the ride back and forth to unwind from work. Trust me on that, I've been there.

    Gerry :)

  2. I especially notice the benefits of rising to work in the morning. I get to work more alert and feeling more positive about my day. Excited to see a second bike joining your family!

    1. Thanks Luke! I'm hoping it will be nice for him to unwind before he gets home and puts on the "dad" hat- getting chased by Jack for 45 minutes when you just get off work must be exhausting, but he's just so happy he's home he literally won't leave him alone for ages:)

  3. REALLY cool beans! Nice bike,Husband good choice :)

    The Disabled Cyclist

  4. I have a similar TREK and use similar bontrager tires and I think he will actually enjoy those tires more than the super heavy mountain tires if he is using this primarily as a commuter bike. I feel more secure on these type of tires than road tires but they aren't heavy like mountain tires so it doesn't slow me down.

    Tell Kyle congrats on his TREK! I love mine! Keep up the good work!


    1. Thanks Tricia- yeah especially cycling year around it seems better to have a little traction! Thanks as always for the comments!

  5. I've really been enjoying this blog! It brings back a ton of memories of when I first started riding for transportation. Keep it up, and keep posting!

    One thing you might want to consider for the Trek is a more stout lock if it's going to be ridden to work and locked up outside all day. The lock in the picture will be defeated in a matter of seconds with some bolt - cutters. Bikes like this are prime theif-bait too, because everyone wants one...

    P.S. Stop in and say on Bike Forums again soon.

    1. Hello Dembroski- Thanks for following along! Luckily for Kyle he can take his bike inside the bank when he's at work. We bought the extra lock for when I go shopping on the Yuba, I leave it outside right in view of the doorway, but I know all the employees so they watch it for me. I haven't left it anywhere else yet, and with Jack on the back sometimes its easy to just push it in the store- saves carrying or getting a cart.
      I shall get back on the bike forums, its been a few weeks!
      Thanks for your comment! Lindsay


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