Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A second bike and some sun on the way!

Does it seem like I've been sick for a really long time?  It might be because I'm surrounded by snotty nosed little kids with limited hygiene skills, it might also be because I haven't got a decent nights sleep in a very long time.  All I seemed to do last week was chase Jack and his pals around, wipe butts and snouts and drink enormous amounts of tea (I actually LOVE my job). Did you notice I didn't mention a bike ride? That's because until yesterday I'd only managed to look at it in passing, whilst carrying enormous amounts of laundry to and fro.
All that changed when I woke up to sun rays filtering through the bedroom blinds and noticed Jack was just a little more chipper and smiley than he has been.  At long last I believe we're all on the mend and to top it off, apparently there is more sunshine in the forecast! I'm hesitant to say we're 100% in the clear as Jack is still needier than normal and my body aches all over.
I managed to get the bike out on Sunday and once again fell in love with it. The air was fresh and warm, the sun was shining and it just felt so good to get away from the house for the first time in ages.  I cruised around a few neighborhood streets and some of the college campus pathways before heading home, it wasn't a very long ride but it certainly reminded me of my priorities. I felt out of breath after just a short time and my head got stuffy, the bike felt heavy, it was eye opening. I really need to find a way to get out more with Jack and have to hatch a plan to make his travels warmer and less weather restrictive.  The trailer is obviously warmer, but it adds so much drag that my unfit body can barely move it down the road.  I should be able to purchase a peanut seat for the Mundo this weekend which will at least make me feel more confident cycling- Jack's lack of support and protection in the crate seat has been a stress for me.  After I've got the peanut seat (which I'm buying used so that will save some dough!) I still need to get the double kickstand and figure out some kind of wind protection...I keep thinking that by the time I have all the little problems ironed out Spring will be here and I will have lost a good 3 months cycling time.
My husband has decided he too needs a bike which is really good news, I think he wants just a regular style mountain bike with street tires and a hitch for the trailer.  We're hoping to take a camping trip sometime in the year on our bikes and I think the thought of that has really gotten him excited about getting a bike.  We're selling our vehicle and using the money to buy his bike and a cheaper old truck which he plans to use when he has to go on business runs about twice a week, the rest of the time he's committed to cycling to and from work.  
Yesterday my mum came to visit and after spending some time making paper airplanes with Jack she asked if she could see my bike again and told me that if it was hers she would want to keep looking at it all the time!  I thought that was so sweet, I love the way my mum always believes in me no matter what I set out to do. She is planning on moving home to the UK later in the year and the reality of her moving is really starting to hit me, I'm dreading losing our daily conversations and not getting to see her once a week. But mostly I'm so sad that her and Jack won't get to see each other as often. Not a day passes that he doesn't shove the phone in my hand whilst repeating "Nanny" in rapid fire until he hears her answer on the other end. Anyway, I can't dwell on these sad things and will instead go make another cuppa tea and hope these body aches disappear soon because I'm fed up with just looking at my bike, I want to go for a ride!


  1. So glad you are back posting. I was worried!

    1. Oh Ron, No Worries! I'm here for the long haul, I just feel bad for the broken record of "sick again" posting- can't wait to break free of this bug. Thank you for staying with me!


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