Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Peanut Seat on the way!

Last week I met someone looking to sell a used Peanut Shell, this was very exciting news as it meant I could save some money and get Jack's seat a little sooner than expected.  The Peanut Shell is Yuba's seat made especially for little passengers (up to 48lb). 

Unlike my crate seat (which is still a practical option on a budget) the Peanut Shell offers more shoulder and head and leg protection. This is obviously important and will do a lot to ease my mind and aid my confidence.

Notice how the leg rests have straps to keep little legs from getting squished should you topple over.

I purchased my Peanut Shell from a fellow bike enthusiast and was so happy to see how he delivered it to Fed-Ex!

The package on the back deck is going to be here by Friday hopefully!  Jack's nose is officially drip free as of today and the cough is gone, so weather permitting we shall be going on a ride this weekend!

If you look closely at the picture above you will notice that this particular Yuba Mundo has a few additions that my bike doesn't (yet!), turns out this cool bike has been complimented by an electric drive that it's very smart owner designed and built! Seeing as I'm not very technical I thought it best to give you a link to his website so any interested persons can check it out!

On a completely different note, Kyle took off this morning for work on his new bike! It was really fun to see him zipping off to work! He should be home soon from lunch and I can't wait to hear how his first trip went.  Luckily there is plenty of room for him to park his bike inside the bank so it will stay dry and safe. Although my utility/laundry room is getting a little cramped with 2 bicycles and a trailer!

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