Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jack's Cycling Jersey and another 10 miles on the Yuba

Today we made it just over 10 miles, to downtown Walla Walla, where we met Kyle for lunch and also visited my Mum.

Jack is sick, poor little guy, he was a real trooper as always and happily rode despite the watery eyes and runny nose. I have had a sore throat for a few days now, but I seem to be keeping it at bay and feel fine otherwise. We still have to ride about 14 miles before the end of the month- yikes! Cutting it close for sure, I didn't anticipate getting sick right now so it's thrown me for a loop.

Last night we got a package in the mail and look what it contained-
Jack's adorable bicycle jersey, it even has pockets for bottles on the back! He wore it today and seemed pretty comfortable all day. It's a little big for him, but he grows fast!

He is not feeling very well in these pictures, poor little guy!

We only stopped once on the way to downtown today and made it in really good time. I took plenty of little snacks; a few energy bars, a couple of apples and some almonds. It really made a difference, I didn't feel shaky or weak at any point.

The Yuba got lots of comments and about 3 couples with small children stopped to really take a look at it- hopefully they too will get the cargo bike bug! We revisited our new favorite park, I always hope we will run into other little kids as Jack is a very sociable little guy, but today he got to play on his own.

I'm a little concerned about tomorrow and how we will ride if either of us is sicker. I'm going to drink lots of tea and keep the little guy hydrated and see what happens. If he's just the same as today we will still ride because he seemed to enjoy himself, he'd be sneezing and snotty regardless of where we are and he still seems to have plenty of spunk in him!


  1. AWESOME jersey,my friend,Jack is absolutely adorable in it! :D And REALLY cool beans on the ride as well :) Sorry to be short,I'm behind schedule on my daily i-netings,LOL,all backed up and lots to catch up on :p I hope y'all 3 have an awesome weekend!

    The DC

    1. Thanks! He wasn't to keen on it at first but when we told him it was for the bike he put it right on (or helped anyway). Anything for bikes!


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