Friday, April 20, 2012

Amelia's Blog

I couldn't be any prouder of my lovely niece Amelia, she is 7 years old and just started her first blog! It would be great if some of my readers left her a little message on her blog- here is a link:

I know, I know.... nothing to do with bicycles...but she's my fave little girl in the whole world- so I just had to share!  She is blogging about her inner-city chickens in Portland, OR.

Jack and I are busy doing all the responsible work we failed to do yesterday and will be cycling tonight with Kyle when he gets off work. I'm also hoping to get my handle bars adjusted and my sweet new kick stand installed. Because I can't possibly not include a picture of a bike here, I shall share this one, my first ever ride on my naked Yuba! Things have changed such a lot since this picture was taken- I now know my bike, trust it, I'm empowered by it and feel like it can take me anywhere- slowly.


  1. Awesome! I checked it out and said Hi :)

    Hey,guess what...check my last couple posts on my blog (I mighta gave you,Kyle and Jack some props,but y'all deserve em :) ),I have cash in hand from the sell of the Jabberwocky today,barring unforseen things robbing me of budget,I'll be ordering an Xtracycle kit next week (finally! been wanting one for years now,LOL! :p) :D

    The Disabled Cyclist

    1. You must share how you like it! An Xtracycle was my first inspiration to keep at it when I thought I'd like to bike for exercise. I had a picture of a Radish on my wall with "Have You Ridden Today???" written on it in green highlighter. I was pretty good about riding too, until I realized that the parking lot was the only place I could go. Now we've moved, and look at me, I commute!

    2. T.D.C.- thanks for the shout out and really Im just so excited for you- you will love having a cargo bike! I left a huge message on your blog!

      RETF- maybe time to join the cargo bike world? ;)


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