Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 19 of 30 days of biking - a hill climb

Today was a pretty successful day, I got a few outdoor chores done and neglected my housework, which is always a thrill. I filled our four raised beds, dug a trench for peas and planted them and our cucumbers. My seeds have all grown into fine little plants and now we have the problem of where to put them all. Whilst I was busy digging and fixing up string for the peas, the little boy was having a lovely time playing with wooden spoons in the raised beds, making lots of mud and generally doing all the things I imagine little boys typically like to do (and girls too of course!)

Smiley boy in his new to us, hand-me-down sweater, that I love!

The little guy was exhausted after all that playtime and took a long nap in the afternoon, then we got ready for an evening ride. As you can see today was a much happier departure, with smiles and anticipation we set off.  Now on every single trip, that I have ever taken on my bike, I have always taken a right at the end of the we took a left.

A road with a view of the tower

We live at the bottom of a small hill and I have avoided it like the plague. Today I decided some level of satisfaction and achievement was necessary to boost yesterdays blues, so we set off up that hill without giving it a second thought. These things always seem so much simpler in my mind. We took the first hill with relative ease, but had forgotten about the two small hills following the first. Anyway, we made all three just fine and took some fun pictures along the way.

Nice old fire truck - it's for sale too!

The weather was perfect, the air smelled divine- full of blossom and damp pasture land. 

I used to take care of horses in this pasture a long time ago.

Rabbit- it's one of Jack's favorite words.

We visited our little goat friends again and fed them some grass. Look at those teeth!

Today's ride came to a close with a downpour as soon as we got indoors. Once Jack goes to bed, I get to enjoy mounting my new Stand Alone Kickstand that came in the mail today! I'm really excited to get it on there and will feel more confident with loading and unloading once I can use it.

I'm quite proud of today's short ride and all the yard work I got done. I can't wait to start harvesting some leafy greens and veggies for my smoothies. I can't wait to try out my new kickstand. So lots of things to look forward to, plus we're at day 19 of 30, which seems hard to believe!


  1. Now THIS post put a big crooked smile on my face,awesome day jack and you had! As always,great pics too. Rabbit was also one of Nick's favorite words at that age,isn't it funny how they pick words and wear them out? LOL! Cool beans on the veggies,and especially the kickstand,can't wait to see it!

    EVERY year,the Wife and I talk about the wanting to plant a few veggies,and this year's no difference. We may actually do it this year too. WOuldn't that be funny though? All those years we lived over at the old house with all that land and never did it (well,we planted pumkins and a watermelon once...),and now that we live in town with barely enough yard to warrant a push mower if we do? :P

    The Disabled Cyclist

    1. T.D.C.- you should totally grow some veggies- I like it cause its frugal but its also DE-stressing- win win!

  2. Hooray for another day! You should definitely shar epictures of your garden as it grows. I think I want a garden, and to learn how to can so that I can save the veggies (if we don't eat them all). My mom used to can green beans with ham and applesauce from the apple tree in the front yard.

    I finally got sunshine today! The morning was foggy (quite annoying on my glasses, I'll tell you) but then the sky cleared and turned blue and almost cloudless. It was warm enough that I actually wished I had shorts on! I'm glad I didn't though. I have two random spots of red on my forearms that decided to burn below the edges of the 3/4 sleeves of my shirt. Time to dig out the sunscreen!

    I plan to set up my sewing machine semi-permanently on this desk with my laptop, finish up the dreadfully complicated maze of pockets I'm calling the "Jamiejakcet", then have playtime making bicycle panniers, and then some new clothes! I'm so excited. Yay spring!

    1. RETF- I'm hoping to learn to can this year- I have a huge kitchen for the first time, a cellar area aside from the basement that is stocked with canning supplies and should have enough veggies to make some sauces or chutney.
      You must share your sewing projects- I had a sewing room- now its a toy room for Jack?!? ;)


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