Monday, March 18, 2013

Puppy in a Bakfiets and other neighborhood sightings

Adorable Puppy in a Bakfiets, oh my! Really I could stop here and it would be a worthwhile post, does it get any cuter?  Kyle and I were standing outside the bike shop discussing something or other about bikes when I saw this nice lady and her adorable puppy riding along. Of course, I forgot everything we were discussing and we all swarmed her to pet her sweet 8 week old puppy! I feel bad I didn't get any names, but we greatly appreciated getting a little doggy time in as we all miss our Beatrix so much.

I could just squeeze those little cheeks!

Jack helped us load groceries, as we forgot to take bags we loaded from cart to pannier, then pannier to fridge. It worked out well. There were more bikes parked outside the shop than cars.

Just a small array of lovely bikes available less than a block from our home at Thomas Bikes, they currently have a used box-trike (The Christiania above) for about 600 Euro to give you some idea of going prices.

This is my current obsession, the Urban Arrow, isn't it just dreamy?  I get the feeling nothing has been spared when creating this bike, it looks and feels like quality. It also looks pretty lightweight in design, of course I could do a much better review if I could ride one for a week or two...hint hint! Hey, it's worth a try, right?

You can hear more about our friend Tinus at his Mum's blog HERE. Don't speak Dutch?
Utilize google translate!


  1. If you were in London Lindsay I'd lend my Urban Arrow for a week. They are amazing

    Go and ask for a test ride :)

    1. Lovely offer, wish I was there! I shall see if I can get a test ride ;)

  2. work it on the arrow.. you have some pull in the internet world. that puppy, looks like a mastif, could grow to 150lb's. lots of love, slober food ... and, well, cleaning up after. but i am a dog guy, well worth it!


    1. jz- I can't remember the breed, I thought he was Mastiff, but his mum said he's an Italian breed, similar to mastiffs. He was a gentle soul, very sweet little guy. I love dogs too, we are constantly stealing pets on every dog we meet, missing out Beatrix. cheers!

  3. Hai,
    Mij name is Natascha en the dog his name is Tinus and he is a Cane Corso. When he is an adult he is very big 55 - 75 kg.
    What a nice picture of use.
    Greetings Natascha

    1. Hello Natascha-
      Thank you so much for sharing lovely Tinus with us, you were both picture perfect! Stay in touch, Lindsay xx


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