Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 9 and the bus ride from hell

Right. So I didn't ride my bike today, but I do have a semi-decent excuse...

Today we woke up bright and early to attend an appointment in the neighbouring town of Clevedon, it was a tough morning as no one had slept well but we made it out the door in time to make our bus, only to get a call that it was rescheduled on the way to the station. All that fuss and work trying to make an appointment only to have it cancelled was a little frustrating so we decided to catch the bus anyway and make the most of the day, by trying to find a place for my Mum to live, as she arrives next week.
We stayed busy until early afternoon, then stopped at the grocery shop, grabbed some food and headed to the bus stop, but we'd missed our bus and had a wait of about an hour and a half ahead of us. Usually we would go for a walk or find something to keep us busy but today our push chair (stroller) decided to give up the ghost, so less walking was better as it was terribly hard work to push. We thought it would be nicer to spend two hours on a heated bus, than 1.5 hours in the cold waiting, so we jumped the bus on the opposite route and went sight-seeing. This was an excellent plan until Jack started complaining about "water in my belly", it was a very twisty, narrow road and I was wondering if he was trying to explain the feeling of nausea to us, when he started throwing up, all over himself and me.
We made it home about 40 minutes later, reeking to the high heavens, by this time it was about 7pm and my priorities lay with comforting a very miserable little boy.  I was thankful today for the kindness of strangers as our driver and fellow passengers were all very nice and helpful, helping to keep Jack entertained and providing every spare tissue available. Hopefully tonight we all get a good sleep as the appointment is rescheduled for tomorrow.

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  1. I do not think you would have been met with as much kindness here in the states. I hope today is better for you all!!!


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