Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Still going (plant)STRONG!

I can't believe I almost went a week without a blog post. Almost. It's been a good week, I've been busy. I'm surely eager to share that I have been keeping true to my goals, although I did miss a long walk on two days because we've had storms roll in every night, and to be honest I'm just not willing to get zapped by a lightening bolt, last night found us practicing golf of all things, with a storm system rolling in!  We went home in a hurry and left the walk. Jack has been amazing, walking 2-3 miles, which really is phenomenal when you think how short those legs are.

The dietary side has been easy too, sure I crave little sugary snacks here and there, or cheese...always crave cheese. But to be honest, not too bad and I've lost a little weight to boot! I know this is a miserably boring post with it's lack of shiny pictures, but I'm tired and hot!

I shall leave you with this link to Bicycle Times magazine, where they discuss the awesome Boda Boda release party and even give me a little shout out!

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