Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Days 9, 10 & 11 - laughing out loud

We have no idea where the Harry Potter scar came from...toddlers!
Today has provided me with enough joy to last a while, well, at least 24 hours until my next bike ride. I actually managed to get out of the house before noon, and while it was very hot, it wasn't completely unbearable and the breeze created by cycling was enough to cool me off a little. Alas I forgot to slather on sun-screen to the little ones arms, but I didn't forget to apply a doggy tattoo, which is obviously far more important. (We're sporting a Pit Bull looking tattoo in honor of Lenox, a dog who stole our hearts and was euthanized today based on his appearances. RIP dear boy.)

My plant strong breakfast today came in the form of a lovely spinach, banana and orange smoothie- no one can resist a smoothie like that, Jack even insisted on finishing off mine for me and sported a green mustache all morning. For lunch we're enjoying a Hummus & Veggie sandwich on sprouted bread with a side of leftovers (last night's chunky veggies and spaghetti in homemade sauce.) The food choices have been easy so far, and fully appealing to my senses- honestly I'm loving it and I couldn't be more surprised! You may remember my last entry mentioned an ice cream I ate- well the real story on that was how I felt the next day- AWFUL!

Yesterday night we went to a the lovely Pioneer Park in Walla Walla. The aviary is full of beautiful birds, turtles and some giant bunnies! It was really nice to get to a different park and was the first time Jack has enjoyed feeding ducks in a long time, he'd been asking to go for a week, so we really had fun and walked around for at least an hour.

I'm getting more and more excited about the arrival of my Boda Boda, after deciding which model to get, I had to decide which bike shop would have the "honor" of assembling it for me. It would be far easier to go to a local bike shop, but I'm so impressed by Joe Bike in Portland that I've decided to get it shipped there, then drive down and pick it up. Joe Bike is after-all the largest Yuba dealer in the world, I believe I read that every member of their staff owns a Mundo and I've heard nothing but great reviews of them and their customer service- plus they have a killer website that features a picture of Jack!

I stole Kyle's cap when I couldn't find my own, he probably won't notice;)

This month has been a time of reaffirmation for me in this journey towards a healthier lifestyle, I found myself grinning ear to ear today as a rode down the street. I was smiling for no particular reason, just enjoying life, it seems like we could all do with more of that type of joy, I know I could. I wondered what people thought of the chunky grinning lady on the big orange bike, with the adorable child...then decided I didn't care, and literally laughed out loud.


  1. Very inspiring! What a difference from some of your first entries. You both look radiant and happy!!

    1. Aww thank you Julia;) I feel decidedly less "radiant" as I write this hahaha


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