Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Ride - Shooting video for the RPM project

We had a great weekend, celebrating Mother's Day with a bike ride that we decided to film for the Cargo Bike Documentary,  (R)Evolutions Per Minute.  We took over 40 short videos ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes, downloaded them to the laptop and then immediately uploaded them to Liz Canning's website. It was a really quick, easy process and we had a lot of fun filming.

I couldn't resist sharing some of the video here and made this little movie today, enjoy:


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Wonderful music by Pink Martini, Andalucia 


  1. That video is just cool,my friend! The best part? Hearing Jack say "Bye,Mommy!" :D

    The DC

  2. Excellent way to celebrate Mother's day. I hope to do the same thing on Father's day, with my daughter.

    Thanks for giving me the idea, Lindsay.

  3. Also, I like the music in this video. Who did it?

    1. The music is Pink Martini, Andalucia . Lovely isn't it?


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