Sunday, May 13, 2012

Adding Bicycle Bling to the Yuba Mundo, the Peanut Shell and the Trek 3500

Mother's Day started with an uninterrupted sleep that continued past 7am, followed by a large steamy mug of coffee upon raising and then a plate of bacon and eggs shortly afterwards. Rarely does a day start any better than that, but because they love me, my boys treated me to a shiny chrome mirror for my handlebars!

 I then had my brakes checked by my exceedingly handsome bicycle mechanic.

Yesterday we picked up this handy bottle for Jack and I attached it with a little stroller holder to the Peanut Shell. This should keep the little guy from getting dehydrated in the blazing hot weather we expect this Summer. 

We picked up some handle bar extenders for Kyle's Trek 3500, hoping it might make his ride a little more comfortable.  He has been suffering from wrist pain and actually has his wrist wrapped right now. He also traded out his stock saddle for the saddle that came on the Yuba, it certainly looks like it should be more comfy.

Jack is taking a nap, when he wakes up we're off to enjoy the day a little more with a ride, each of us hopefully enjoying our new bicycle comforts! I hope you are enjoying Mother's Day too!


  1. Lindsay - I like the new mirror. Stylin!

  2. First off,happy Mother's Day,my friend! Secondly,cool new digs for all of ya's :D And now,you can be like Mater,the World's Best Backwards Biker,cause you can see where you've been :p (I NEED to look into some mirrors,myself).

    The DC

  3. What a great gift! I need one of those.

  4. Wrist pain usually means too much weight on the hands. Raising the handlebars may help. If the saddle Kyle tries doesn't feel great, hi might try an unpadded leather one (Brooks, Selle Anatomica are really good, and there are others. Stay with a touring model and avoid the racer styles) and perhaps a local can lend one to test ride for a week or so.


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