Friday, May 11, 2012

Grocery haulin', tot-toting and enjoying the day

This morning Jack and I met some friends for coffee at the local bakery, then took a quick trip to the grocery store.  Beautiful fresh spring onions and asparagus called for the BBQ, and the greens we picked up will make a delicious salad. My own spinach in the garden is coming along nicely and should be ready to start harvesting in a few weeks. Today's haul wasn't huge, but tomorrow we'll be setting out another ride, by buying small I necessitate the need for numerous rides- works well for me!


  1. "by buying small I necessitate the need for numerous rides-"

    Now THAT'S using your noggin :)

    The DC

    1. Actually it's just admitting that we humans tend to be a lazy bunch in general lol

  2. How do drivers react when they come up behind you & see a load like that? You must get a lot of thumbs ups!

    1. Oh I wish! I've never had anyone comment yet and judging by the looks I get, I doubt whether my interactions will be friendly in nature;)
      Pedestrians and people I pass in general seem to respond well- and I guess they drive too;)
      The thing I find the oddest is that my personal friends for the most part are very uninterested...rarely commenting on my lifestyle change, some haven't even mentioned it in passing. There have been a few that are super supportive and I appreciate them so much for it.

  3. After driving by a woman bicyclist carrying her child AND groceries, I hope the people in automobiles passing you by tell themselves, "Hey I can do that!"

    I'm sure the sight of you and Jack inspire others to do it too.

    Thank you, Lindsay.


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