Thursday, May 10, 2012

Back in the saddle!

Beautiful weather combined with finally having a reprieve from stress made for a lovely ride today. Jack and I loaded up the Yuba shortly after lunch, slathered on some sun screen and took off for a little rural ride, out towards the radio station I worked at in my early twenties.

I won a free pizza in a competition so we had to go to the station to pick it up, even took a peek at the studio I used to work in, it hasn't changed a bit!

Next door a beautiful new winery has been built in recent years, Jack thoroughly enjoyed making music by beating on the casks!

Sadly the winery wasn't open, so no tasting for me.

Jack obviously had a really fun time today, we both did actually. It was so lovely to get back on the bike, I had certainly missed it. I didn't even bother bringing the bike back in the house as I'm sure we'll go back out again later, it's just too lovely a day to limit ourselves to one ride, so maybe we'll go pick up our free pizza!


  1. Awesome ride,looks like :D Free pizza AND a ride with your best lil man? It dudn't get no bettah,my friend! :)

    The DC

  2. A closed winery? :(
    Well at least there is one you can bike to :)

    1. Luckily I didn't set off to go to a winery- it just happened to be next door so I thought I'd explore! beautiful place.

    2. P.S. there are a TON of wineries here- I bet I could do a little tour one day, might be fun!

  3. When you do pick up the pizza, are is jack in charge of holding it while you ride back home?

    Sorry about the closed winery.

    1. Cullen- no, it actually fit quite nicely in my crate on the side.It wasn't a very big pizza;)


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