Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Diaper Run on the Yuba

Jack and I took a trip on a new route today, we headed NE from our house, to a local big box store to pick up diapers. The side walks and roads are relatively new in that area, they are super wide, clean and unused. I felt like I had an entire bicycle highway to myself. We picked up what we needed and then took a little joy ride around some of the surrounding area, before heading home. We logged just under 6.5 miles and will no doubt be taking another ride later, because I feel pretty good today. I took some snacks with me and felt the benefits for sure.

I've logged 76.91 miles this month, which means I need to log 23.09 miles before Friday. I think I'm easily up to that challenge, and can see myself logging more miles than this next month as I'm dedicated to riding daily.

We've made plans to visit Portland in August for the S.E. Portland Sunday Parkways, we're hoping to rent some bikes from Joe Bike if we can't haul our own. I think it's really neat that you can rent Mundo's in Portland, something I would like to have done before buying if I'd known about it. I also just noticed that Joe put up a picture of Jack and the Mundo on his web site, go check it out!

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