Monday, May 28, 2012

The 2nd group ride...

Saturday came and with family staying with us it was quite a rush to get out the door for our 2nd organized ride event. I'm obviously not very good at organizing these rides because this time, despite the fact that 10 people said they were coming and another 13 said they may come; not one person showed up, not even one! I'd sent out reminder notes 5 days prior and then also the day before too. I think the answer is just to keep "hosting" them and hope that eventually people will respond. Kyle, Jack and I had a nice little ride anyway and then headed home.

When we got home my brother, Carl, took my niece Amelia and Jack for ride. Carl rides a Kona Ute at home in Portland, so Amelia is a professional long-tail rider!

I would like to have taken out both the kids but wouldn't have wanted Amelia sitting so far on the back, and I was too lazy to move the Peanut Shell to the back so she could sit behind me.

I didn't get many rides in this weekend which means, the pressure is on this week to get some miles in. I'm actually looking forward to the challenge of getting out and pushing off into next month with an assertive start. I have decided to commit to cycling everyday in June, I just find it works better for me if I don't take days off. I can always take short rides on days with foul weather, and I shall probably have to start getting my rides in early in the day or late at night with summer's wickedly hot temperatures just round the corner.


  1. I'm sorry no one showed,my friend. IDK how y'all deal with that emotionally,but it would have broken my heart (yeah...I'm not a "typical male cyclist",LOL,I have feelings too :P ),but great attitude about it :)

    Cool pics of the neice with Jack riding,and awesome plan for June! Having actually gotten to ride most every day in May (yay!!!),I'm not sure what to plan for in June...I'm like you,if I miss a day it throws me completely off kilt,out of sinc for some reason,LOL! If Nick and I don't get our first over nighter bike-camping in this week (a "S24O" as they seem to be known on the forums),then there's a definate plan of attempting one S24O and one 2-3 day,all on rails-trails local or semi-local to us...I suppose I'll shoot for "riding every other day" on average,but especialyl want to ride every day the last start my 39th year on earth doing what I love ;)

    The DC

    1. Hey TDC-

      You know I don't worry about it anymore, not to sound weird, but since moving here I've gotten used to people doing no shows! One day I shall have a decent turnout if I keep pushing it! L

  2. I'm sorry no one showed up for the ride! Definitely keep organizing them and riders will start attending. I know the feeling, though in terms of hosting a monthly playdate that took *forever* to get off the ground.

    I'm curious if your brother had anything to say in comparing your Yuba to his Ute. And I see lots of pictures of longtails with toddler seat up front and big kid riding behind--plus I think your niece wouldn't have been as comfortable with no stoker bars if she was in front of the seat. You may call it laziness, but it was the way to go!

    1. Hello familyride,

      Yes, just going to keep hosting them and hope people show up eventually!

      Carl didn't say anything, but I should ask him. The main reason I personally didn't want Amelia so far back is I haven't ridden with a wiggling 7 year old yet, and that weight shifting so far back seems like it would be more noticeable than if it was centered more. Yes, no stoker bars was another reason we left it. She is pretty relaxed on there lol. My brother said she rides backwards mostly with her legs sprawled along the Ute deck lol. She's a lucky girl being raised on the bike!

      Thanks for reading and commenting! Lindsay

  3. I didn't show for the bike ride because I don't have a bike, but I did show up for a picnic in the park...
    No one was there.

    1. Oh that is horrible! I'm so sorry! If you are going to just show for the picnics maybe we could call you in future if no one shows? We already had our picnic packed and just ate at home because no one was there, we would love to have joined you! Lindsay

  4. Back when we had a Peapod on one of our Utes, we kept it as far forward as it would go, and my son just sat behind it. It was easier on/off for him since he could swing a leg around the back. Also, if there were no kids or just the little one on the bike, I wouldn't want all that weight riding behind the rear axle. The third reason was that the legs would have interfered with the bags if the Peapod had been placed back further.

    Most people find it very disconcerting, the way the kids just "perch" on the back. We've always meant to get a stoker bar, but never have, and they still don't struggle to maintain balance. I don't know if it's the width of the deck, or if little kids are just better at that stuff than I would be, but they seem totally confident back there. We've never even had so much as a slip.

    1. Katy-

      It does seem like it would be easier to get on and off without the seat on the far back. I think if you are used to it that would be the way to go...but I also like the "book end" approach too, of having the seat on the end.

      Not sure which way we'll go with a second child, if we have one, but it would take some practice for me. I think kids are so much more resilient than we think they are, your kids probably don't even notice the lack of stoker bar.

      cheers! lindsay


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