Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 3 of 30 days of biking

Day 3 arrived with me feeling refreshed and ready to go.  I can't say that it was because of a good nights sleep (last night was like a judo match in bed, with Jack pummeling my face with his feet), I think it was mental refreshment that came to me in the form of support from my cyber friends (THANK YOU).
I took the time to get my computer programed and fitted, a lovely gift from Chris at CTQ Bicycles Blog- thank you Chris, it works great and was easy as pie to install. Then I packed Jack's stroller on the bike and we zipped over to a friends house for a play date...

The bike looked all set for adventures, when in actuality my friend just relocated about 6 blocks away, so it was a quick trip, but we needed the stroller because we wanted to walk for groceries when we got there.  We went a few blocks out of our way just to enjoy the weather, which was wonderful today albeit a tad too windy. Nothing too extreme happened on the way there, but on the way home I got really worried because the gusts seemed pretty powerful. I struck out for Kyle's work to pick up a few posters he had for Jack's bedroom which we intend to put together soon. We're really fortunate that we can stop by and see "Daddy" in his office, Jack just loves days like this. He had Bicycle time, Friend time and Daddy time which wore him out, so now it's Nap time- my favorite!

Once Jack was asleep I made myself a "vitamin water" in the Vitamix, which is basically a huge bunch of parsley and a whole peeled orange in a pitcher full of water. It is super refreshing and as I'm not fond of plain water this ensures I still stay hydrated. Kyle and I are both trying to eat a little healthier lately and have been starting the day off with a green smoothie, which is so yummy Jack begs for more everyday when he finishes his. I really, really love my bicycle and I'd have to say I love my Vitamix on that same level. We bought it when we we're really struggling financially and paid the equivalent of what our rent payment was at the time. I'd say other than our bikes it was the best investment we've made in years, like the bikes, it's an investment in health and you really can't put a price on that.

Today was a breeze on the bike, in fact I may even venture out again I feel that good.  My ankle has been sore and my knees a tad too, but really not too bad- which probably means I need to push myself a little harder.  I have been staying mentally aware of my foot placement on the peddles and I'm sure it's helping. I had to include this blurry picture (below) because, stop the presses, I'm smiling and my eyes are open! It's hard to imagine that something that made me cry yesterday can make me smile today, but that's just life for you, I guess. I know I've cried driving a car before, so why would I expect cycling to be any different?  I also know for sure, that I never once thought I was teaching my son anything valuable while driving a car, and yet today when we were riding and I was listening to him jibber jabber about bikes, cats and bikes,  I felt a real sense of accomplishment. Even if my cycling never got any faster or gained any more distance; as long as it continues, then I've already achieved the goal I set for myself- which was to make cycling a part of our daily lives and for Jack to consider it the norm. So far, I'd say the 30 days of Biking has been exactly what I needed, adding a routine and finding reasons to ride is what was missing, before this I was looking for reasons not to ride. Of course this sunny weather has helped a lot too, but either way I'm going to stick this out until the end.


  1. That was a very nice post Lindsay. Seeing the way you have your bike set makes me want to have another child. Uh ok NO.
    Anyway it looks like you are certainly in charge of your life.

    Ride On

    1. Hey Don-
      haha oh yes, I think once you've raised em you don't want to go back! I love these times, but thy are a lot of work! Very, very worth it! Thank you for commenting;) Cheers!

  2. I think you're doing a valuable service to others out there who are going to come across these posts, all the ups and the downs, and realize that they can do it too. Great work!

    1. Hey Kath-
      Thank you, I really hope I can inspire someone to take this journey, I know others have inspired me. Its hard, its really hard to change all your habits and pretty much everything about your lifestyle- but its also easy, in a strange way. I think once Its sunk in that this will be a lot of hard work, will suck and will be tough- then it will be easier and maybe be less like work. I hope! ;)

  3. It is amazing to come home every day for the last few days and see a new post. I love reading every one of them (and don't make that mean that you have to post everyday). I am proud of how you the example you set for for your son and others. Keep up the good work. My son and I did close to 15 miles to day on our Yuba and every high five and pound I got made me think of you and Jack. Its great to know that I am not alone. To know that there is someone somewhere doing the same thing that I am. I consider it a gift to get to see it and read about it when I get home at night. Thanks for blogging and I look forward to your next post.

    1. Hello Joshua-

      Oh, I love the idea of another yuba family doing little fist bumps and high fives- we are so lucky to have these little ones in our lives and to enjoy them and our bikes- so fortunate!

      I can't wait to be able to get a 15 mile trip in, maybe by the end of the summer.

      Blogging would just be a diary if it wasn't for the feedback! Thank you!

      Jack and I will be thinking of you guys when we have our next little high fives;) It really is good to know there company out there and community out there! Cheers! And, thanks for reading! Lindsay

    2. Just a thought I just got my back ordered stand alone center stand today it is amazing I love it It makes loading little guy so much easier. I cant wait to hear your thoughts on it when you get yours. Keep us up to date. One more thing what is that red basket and how do you have it attached?

    3. Oh yeah I was hoping to see the Fed-ex guy today but alas no visit! I will certainly give my thoughts on it, I think it will make life so much easier.
      I got the red crate from the thrift store on our trip a few weeks back when we actually made it to my mum's house. It's an old flat bottomed soda crate, paid $3 for it. I just attached it with bungees for now, but I'll zip tie it if I keep it there. It's super handy but it makes the bike so wide it's hard to maneuver through the door or our utility room.

  4. Now that sounds like an awesome day!

    The Disabled Cyclist

  5. Go Lindsay Go! I am so happy and excited for your adventure this month! Keep up the good work and keep crying and smiling and fighting those inner-grouchy-demons! Allow yourself to have those emotions and own them and then remember all the people around the world that are smiling and crying and fighting along beside you! Go get em!

    *Happy Baseball Opening Day*

    Tricia Duffin


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