Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 17 of 30 days of biking - a video too!

This morning there was glorious sunny weather but I couldn't get organized enough to get out of the house before Jack had his nap.  Of course, by the time he woke up the clouds had rolled in and rain looked certain. I was in such a hurry that I didn't check my departure shot and it came out blurry...

So here we have a picture of me when I was absolutely feeling at my worst. My whole body seemed to be hurting and I was totally wishing I was at home. I thought I'd take a picture, so I could remember how horrible I felt and then maybe it would remind me that these times do pass.

I decided to "just see if I could go a bit further" and then a little "further"...what I thought was going to be my shortest ride of the month, turned into just under 4 miles, which isn't much at all, but better than what I expected.

I'm not sure if we're all fighting off a bug, energy is at an all time low in the entire household. Even Jack has been pretty sedate, not that I'm complaining about that.

He enjoyed the ride, we took the little trail through the wetlands and saw some ducklings.

I cut back to the main road via the alleys behind the cookie cutter houses. I was a little blown away by the garages, they had a kind of Pleasant-ville feeling about them, and I wondered how their owners knew them apart.


This was certainly one of those trips that turned out better than I had anticipated. We didn't get rained on either!

Kyle made this video for me late last night, it's from Saturday's ride and we had a lovely time, enjoy!

I signed up for the National Bike Challenge!  There is a link for it at the top right of the blog- check it out!


  1. Wow! 4 miles that is good. I know what you mean about the energy being low... we are the same way here. But as we chatted about April is one heck of a month for my job! I'm absolutely wiped out by the end of the day.

    1. Yeah your life sounds crazy right now. I just lack energy, and not the kind that is cured with a cup of coffee, but the type that makes you feel you re fighting off a bug. Yuk!

  2. I keep getting distracted by the goings-on and neglecting my computer for days on end. Then I get to come back to it and spend a couple hours checking emails, reading blog posts, maybe writing a post of my own.

    I'm very glad to see you still going strong through all the ups and downs occurring throughout your challenge!

    The boys here are getting a bad start at their own attempts to commute by bike. The weather has suddenly decided to make up for lost time by dumping the normal winter precipitation all at once now. Most days are overcast and gloomy, which affects my mood some, and we get sporadic sprinkles and the occasional shower. None of the other bikes are equipped with fenders, and no one owns a raincoat. I've been getting by with luck, once a pair of trash-bag pants, once with a ride from a coworker, and once I broke down and drove the car.

    Then my husband sprained his ankle, so now he's definitely not going anywhere outside of a car.

    But, how do cyclists deal with rain??

    I'm guessing warm rain would be no big deal, but this cold near-freezing stuff is mighty daunting.

    I have a sewing pattern for a coat, but how to get appropriate fabric? I'd have to make pants to go with it to keep my lower half dry. I'd love to make one, but short of plastic (which wouldn't breathe) I don't know anything about waterproof fabric. I'm getting crafty-restless though, so SOMETHING is going to get made soon.

    I'm tired of drizzle. Rain for real or give me sunshine, darn it!

    1. Hello RETF!

      The weather here has been a nonsense mix of sunny patches with the most scary looking storm clouds in between...driving me crazy and me lack of energy isn't helping.

      Time to make a plan I think, for attacking the "low energy" blues!

      I read your weekend blog post- you are amazing! What a bunch of stuff for one weekend, hope husband feels better soon!

      You know you have to special order the good waterproof fabric- i already checked this with my mum. She ended up going to Bi-Mart and they had a good selection of rain gear for about the same cost as 1 yard of fabric!

      I still haven't gotten rain gear but I really dont want to buy any until fall...hoping I'll be a size smaller.

      Have a lovely day!


  3. That video made me smile - especially with the goats!

    1. Jillithian- they were so cute! One of them butted the other and she flew off in a rage and jumped on a fence- sadly we had just switched the camera off!

  4. A cyclist's rain cape is what you need. It is a poncho that goes over th handle bars. Since it is open underneath, you don't get soaked with your own sweat. You need good fenders too, of course.

    1. Kevbo- think I want one! I actually hit a huge puddle the other day and didn't get a splash on me so I think my fenders must be good on the Yuba lol. They also have those little mud flap ends on them. Cheers! Lindsay


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