Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 15 of 30 days of biking - Our first attempt at an organized bike ride

Today was the day of our first organized bike ride, I use the word "organized" very lightly, in fact it might be the last word I'd use to describe today's ride. Obviously it might have helped if I'd actually been to an organized bike ride at some point, before I tried to organize one myself, but that would be far too logical.

So, where to start? Let's just say I am incredibly thankful that only one family showed up and secondly, I'm thankful that the family that did show up, were such a pleasure to meet and so easy going. Scott and his three children (aged 3, 6 and 8) cycled from Walla Walla to join our group ride, not only that but they got a flat tire on the way (on their Burley trailer) and had to make a pit-stop for repairs. Scott, who has attended real "organized" rides was nice enough to not question our route, which we made up as we went and even gave us some advice on how real organized rides generally work. It was certainly a day of quality companionship, despite the fact that we didn't have a lot of quantity (4 cyclists and 3 little passengers).

The kids all had a fun time at the park. We then took a ride around town, through the campus and then headed to a local pizzeria. I definitely want to set a date to create a group ride again, but I think I will try to figure out a better route and do a little research for next time.

Today was fun, really fun! I'm ever so thankful that we had some other cyclists to ride with, it was really lovely. I'm also glad we had good weather and that this fun event marks the halfway point of the 30 days of cycling.


  1. I think it's great that you brought your small children along, in separate bike seats, along on your first organized bike tour.

    In fact, I think you should "organize" a future bike tour in which kid-carrying is required! ;)

    Have you ever brought the child on a "real" bike tour?

    1. Cullen- no this was our first ever dis-"organized" ride...I've already set a date for another one!

  2. AWESOME...just...awesome,my friend! As you discovered,quality often times outweighs quantity :)

    The Disabled Cyclist

  3. i've tried this several times m'self. always looking forward to the joy of riding with others, since i am always out on the bike alone. often i find m'self arriving early, bike pump, tools and items i think may help the ride go smoothly. slowly a feeling of gloom comes over me as seconds turn to minutes turn to quarter hours into half hours, before long i am out riding alone, or as you, with a small appreciated group. sometimes i think, "how can you not want to go on this bike ride right now?"
    i have learned that i would rather have people riding with me that are enjoying it and want to be riding, rather than forcing or guilting them into riding and not even wanting to be out and about.
    in the end, i am at my happiest out on my bike, in the flow, momentum on m'side, breeze and birds m'soundtrack, and all i really want is to share that with others, let them experience the freedom that i find while saddled up and pumping pedals.
    that's m'$0.02.

    1. KoriEugene-

      It is hard to not get down when people don't show up to something you have put time into, especially friends whom you want to share what you consider an awesome time with. I have certainly come to expect people to not show to events around here and to disregard any feelings of disappointment. It is hard though as you say when you finally realize people aren't showing and you just have to try to not take it personally;(

      I refuse to give up with it this year, if nothing else I have my family with me and if just one other family shows, like yesterday, then how can you not consider it a success?

      I used to have a mum's group and got so hurt when I organized a family picnic and about 12 people RSVP'd yes, and only one person showed up. It's worse when its friends too;(

      Anyway- we had a good time regardless! Maybe we'll come to your town and ride with you one day;) Lindsay

  4. Lindsey! Great post. I'm glad you let a ride. I'm sure it will grow. One tip for planning a ride you could use google maps and click the bicycle logo after asking it for directions... then you can modify the route as you wish by clicking and dragging it. Interesting enough I let a bicycle ride Saturday I didn't plan with about 15-20 people riding in it. Cool that we were doing the same thing both on Yuba bicycles this weekend. You can read about my day on my blog.

    Matthew R
    San Antonio, Texas

    1. Hey Matthew-

      That is cool, I'd heard of another ride going on in Texas on Sunday too (The Green Bicycle Initiative of Houston). Hope you guys had a great time. I'm already more organized for the next one and I only started planning today;) Made a route and put a map on the invite...that helps lol.

      Cheers, lindsay


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