Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 12 of 30 days of biking

As Jack naps in the other room, I sit here waiting impatiently for him to wake up, because the sun is still barely out and rain is in the forecast. I want to be out there before it becomes necessary to wear a poncho.  As many of you have probably heard me say by now, Jack is about to turn two on the 28th of this month. I feel like a child's birthday is as much of a celebration for their Mother, as it is for them, which is why I call my Mum on my birthday every year and thank her for having me. She deserves it, she's a fantastic Mother...

Right now my Mum is having some health issues that have really limited her mobility. Once an avid walker and cyclist, my Mother now finds herself using a cane, after she got knocked flat by a running dog in the park across from her house.  My life change has certainly effected her too, as I'm no longer available to take her grocery shopping or to the stores for a little break from the monotony of home life. She tried taking public transport and has found it makes her little errands far too complicated and time consuming, exhausting what little energy she has and leaving her having to rest for two days after each trip. She can't ride on the back of the moped either, it's just impossible for her to lift her leg more than 12-14 inches....we measured. So all this, combined with the fact that Amtrak is still unable to take our bikes aboard, means another vehicle is in our future quicker than we had anticipated.  We always thought we would end up buying another vehicle, but had hoped to put it off for awhile longer, perhaps when the weather got too bad for the moped. I still won't be driving of course and stand dedicated to my 12 month commitment of car-free living, but I will ride in the car when we go out of town or maybe on the weekend occasionally if we take the whole family out (with Mum).

Jack woke up right as the clouds rolled in looking all stormy and full of rain, but by the time we headed out the door, the sun actually came out for a little while, so we skipped the rain cover and went for it.  Jack wasn't very happy about leaving his ball behind, but I knew we weren't going to need it, as I had planned for us to cruise for a little while, before meeting up with Kyle as he left work.

I got a bit bored waiting for Kyle, so we took some shadow pictures and splashed through a few puddles.

Once kyle was off work we rode a few more blocks with him snapping the occasional picture. It wasn't a very long ride today, but it was between rain showers, so that makes it all good!


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your Mom,my freind-I hope she feels better or at least things become easier to hash out. Happy early B-Day to Jack :)

    The Disabled Cyclist

    1. Thanks T.D.C. Life is so complicated! ;(

    2. It certainly can be at times :)

      The DC

  2. All the best to your mum, Lindsay! I hope, she will get better soon - at least so far, that being out is not too exhausting for her.

    Have a good weekend!


    1. Hey Juna- Thanks! I think just seeing us a little more often will really improve her spirits, she gets sad because she doesn't see Jack as much;(


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