Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 1 of 30 days of biking

Yesterday was an exceedingly good day, I really love family days and it seems to me that family days spent cycling are the best of the best. Maybe I like it more because usually it's just Jack and I, having Kyle along makes me feel more confident and I feel like we cover distance easier.  I think cycling as a family is a lot like sitting down to a family dinner, it's always more cheerful and enjoyable to eat when you have your loved ones. Cycling alone, on the other hand, is for me still a little of a chore, something that I hope will change with time.

My first ride of the day was more of a guilt trip than anything, I didn't go far and when I left Jack was screaming bloody murder.  The only reason I'm able to leave at such times is by constantly reminding myself that it is actually good for him and is a necessary part of growing up. Still, his watery blue eyes made mine well up too but I enjoyed the ride after the initial departure and was soon kept busy dealing with the tremendous wind gusts.

In the afternoon we decided it was time to stock the cupboards again and so we headed out with both bikes and the trailer.  We got sidetracked by the thought of a little playground time and went to our usual play structure so Jack could blow off some steam. I cycled all over the place on the grass, being sure to keep in a very low gear. My knees were very sore but it felt like a good soreness, not like the painful, squishy sounding knees I'd had last week.  I felt really accomplished with the grass riding, it felt like I'd conquered something and learned a valuable lesson in how hard to push myself.

We bought quite a lot of heavy stuff, but I balanced my bike really well though so it handled awesomely.  Kyle took Jack in the trailer along with a few bags of potatoes and a bag of bananas which Jack was more than happy to take advantage of! Whilst I was loading my bike a lady stopped to compliment it and I was able to tell her about my journey so far and details on the Yuba. When you first look at the Mundo I think it can be a little intimidating, especially if like me, you have not ridden a bike for many years. I offered her a test ride sometime, she had a little on with her too. I think if someone had let me take their bike for a ride with my child it would have really helped me, so I hope she takes me up on the offer.

The grocery haul was full of healthy stuff (and some treats of course) including the ingredients for smoothies, which I'm going to be enjoying every morning. I decided if I was going to use my bike everyday this month then I was also going to utilize my other favorite belonging- my Vitamix Blender! Smoothies are amazing things- I can blend ingredients like kale, lettuce, parsley, apple and/or carrots with a banana and Jack will devour it!

I cycled just about 5 miles total, which seemed enough to leave me exhausted but not so much as to leave me void of the ability to get other jobs done around the house when we got home.  I'm really happy that the first day of 30 is passed, and that I got out not once, but twice!


  1. Awesome pics (and write-up ;) )! That first one of Jack is so cute I not only showed my Wife (I always do,she LOVES kids,even more than I do I think,LOL),I made my daughter come down stairs to see it too,LOL!

    I agree,it's definately more enjoyable when I have the kids riding with me (Wife still has yet to ever ride a bike...but I think I'm wearing her down :D ),so long as I keep Jamie and Nick seperated,elsewise they bicker and fight (she's 15,he's almost 10,if I hadn't ever said),LOL!

    You got more accomplished on your first day than I have on either of as a steady drizzle last eve when I rode,and downpouring about half my early morning ride. No errands,no real destination,I just made laps,LOL,but's riding :D

    Good job,my friend,you guys keep it going! :)

    The Disabled Cyclist

    1. Hello friend-
      Glad you enjoyed the pics! Kyle did really well today with our little point and shoot, so many little smiley pics of Jack.
      Kyle has been using his moped a lot lately so I'm hoping he'll save some energy to cycle with me in the evenings, although I need to get out on my own more if I'm ever going to overcome the mental side of this journey.
      Day two is over now and I'm thinking about an early AM ride, so tired lately! I think it might be nice to get it over in the AM so I can know I got it done.
      Cheers- say hello to the family! Lindsay

    2. I bet he's enjoying riding the scooter though,they're fun (they only aren't fun when you're the one on 50cc's and all your buddies have 500cc's ;) :P ),I'm glad it's working for y'all :D

      I wish I'd ridden mine in the afternoon today,since I endured a downpour the last half of my early AM ride today (in all honesty...I could have ridden twice,LOL,was just too lazy ;) ),but yeah,I sit here thinking of reasons to not ride tomorrow with my neck injury pretty warm (meaning bothering me moderately),gettgin it in in the AM leaves a later inthe day ride as a choice not a have to (since I'm houseDad,I need not commute anymore,so other than utility rides,most of my rides are "joy rides").

      I will tomorrow (say hello),LOL,I'm the night-owl (11:20PM here,I'll crash in a few hours most likely),everyone else has been asleep over an hour,hahaha! :P

      The Disabled Cyclist

  2. very nice idea... 30 days of bicycling. I might have to give this some thought!


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