Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Yuba Mundo Go-Getters Are Here!

It's been a busy day. I started the morning creating a milk crate bike seat for Jack.  I had to care for another little tyke this afternoon so we didn't get to ride yet but tomorrow we're going to take it for a spin. I've posted a tutorial of what I did on the blog, click HERE!

Today the Fed Ex dude dropped me off my goodies that Yuba sent me! I was so happy I took a few pics of the unpacking, then attached my Go-Getter and snapped some more pics.  Of course I will be sure to give a proper "review" of them once they have been broken in with some groceries, but my initial thoughts are that they are really brilliant!

They we're nicely packed in there! I haven't installed my recycled milk jug running boards yet as I don't have the right tools- something I obviously need to remedy!


They are also highly reflective! 
Notice how the inner pocket swings out and can attach with Velcro to the opposite side, enabling one to separate their cargo to avoid crushing. I think the great thing about Yuba is you can tell they make this gear to really WORK.  Notice the drainage holes too? I have no doubt I will find myself being thankful they are there as my "cargo" has a habit of spilling things!

On the opposite side I attached my Phil & Ted stroller's pannier bag, it has a bottle holder on the exterior too which is handy. Jack's crate is now firmly attached to the bike too and I really hope it works good tomorrow on our test ride. Overall I'd say it's been a very productive day!


  1. Loving the Go-Getter,very nicer,looking forward to the review. Ingenious way to recycle an old milk crate :)

    The Disabled Cyclist

    1. Thank You! Taking it out this am for a little test ride!

  2. How is the Go-Getter connected? is it a snap on for easy on and off? I have a snap on double panier/ satchel bag, but I like how large the Go-Getter is.


    1. Hey Tricia, the Go-Getter has 4 clips that snap over the bars on the rack, it then has two Velcro straps that wrap around the running board on the bottom so it doesn't flap around, and it has a padded shoulder strap for taking it in stores. I've seen people utilize the 4 clips to connect it to their cart while grocery shopping which I thought was pretty cool!



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