Sunday, January 1, 2012


If you Google "cargo bikes" you will get an idea of some of the amazing utility bicycles that are just now gaining popularity in the US, I had no idea alternative transportation could be so interesting!  Forgive me if this starts to sound a little editorial but I really wanted to share all the choices I am facing with the start of the new year.

Prices vary on these drool worthy machines from round $1200 for the Kona Ute to upwards of $4000 for some of the Dutch made Bakfietsen bikes, there are a multitude of styles to suit just about every purpose and personal style provided you have the bucks to spend.  It's easy to get initial sticker shock, but consider the average price of a car, fuel (lets not get started about the REAL cost of gasoline to this beautiful planet), insurance and the priceless health gained by using pedal power...all of a sudden they seem cheap in comparison to the savings they provide.

If you would like to learn more about cargo bikes, I found a great informative blog:

Then of course there's the good old fashioned bicycle, attach a trailer or child seat and away you go!  You can pick up a used bicycle for around $100 on Craigslist and a trailer for around $75-$200.  There are definitely positives to going this route including price point and availability.

Last but not least there are a range of cycles made specifically for parents that are similar to the Dutch made bikes with more of a modern "stroller" feel.  They range in price from $1600 on up and some can be easily transformed from bike to trailer to stroller, making them a solution to many tot toting problems.  The bike pictured below is a Zigo and I'm fast becoming a big fan of this versatile machine.  Anyone who has had a child knows the immense amount of gear that they seem to need, with this set-up you can take care of a few needs at once with the huge benefit of having your child in your line of sight at all times (unlike the conventional trailer behind bike). 

I can see a lot of pros and cons to either set up and for me the decision is still in the works.  If I had the money I'd grab a Dutch made cargo bike in a heartbeat, these bikes are great investments and hold their resale value well but I'm also really drawn to the new breed of kid movers that morph to fill so many needs.  I have set a deadline of January 22nd to find my bike, until then I'm scouring used ads and soaking in the options, always trying to be realistic that at the end of the day its the rider that makes the bike "work" to whatever their situation is.  It's all very exciting and I find myself obsessing over bikes but then having "real" moments when  the idea of not driving for an entire year is really daunting!  I can't help but think the dramatic weather fluctuations of SE Washington will play a big part into how enjoyable or torturous this next year is, and then throw in sore knees and a back that predicts the weather...this will be an adventure to say the least!

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