Saturday, January 7, 2012

2 weeks till 2 wheels

I have always had an awful time making decisions so the last few weeks have been really hard on me, it was a great relief to walk out of the bike store today as a proud Yuba Mundo cargo bike owner.  While I can't bring my bike home for another two weeks, I can rest easy knowing its got my name on it, is being outfitted with a top notch toddler seat for Jack and an extra sturdy kick stand so unloading and loading the little tyke is as safe as possible.
The Yuba Mundo became the obvious choice after my two weeks of research.  Firstly it's extra long wheel base seems to enhance the smoothness of the ride. Secondly it's staggering 440lb load capacity means I never have to worry about straining it with heaps of groceries, overloaded diaper bags and thrift store finds that I have to drag home. It's well built, affordable and the internet has seemingly endless positive reviews from owners and experts alike. And to top it all off, my local bike store was happy to work out a payment plan with me!

 At the end of my test ride Kyle lifted Jack up onto the back deck and held him securely while I wiggled off the bike to simulate how I will cope dismounting with added weight.  It was a little hairy but definitely something that will be aided by practice.   As we stood there admiring my new ride Jack tried to climb up on the back again, making my heart swell with the realization it isn't just my life I'm trying to change!