Saturday, March 23, 2013

Disaster on the way to the duck park

Disaster struck today, a few times. Nothing big in the mind of an adult, but one of those days that leaves Jack in a crumpled mess of toddler-emotions.

We had been promising to take Jack to the duck park for a few days now, if the stale bread got any older we were going to get tried for animal abuse. I'd noticed it was windy as I watched passing cyclists with their heads tucked down, fighting to keep momentum, from our living room window. We exited the lift with the bikes, sorted our selves out and loaded Jack, then noticed Kyle had a flat tyre. Obviously this is no biggie in the land of bikes, so off to the local bike shop we go, we drop off the bike because we don't have tools yet and they let us know they will call us when it's finished.

The duck park is completely within walking distance, so we decide to walk there, but about halfway we get a call that the bike shop wants us to come back and look at the tyre before they go any further. So, we turn around despite complaints from jack, promising we will be right back on our way soon. It's windy and miserable anyway, and we're all realizing we needed more layers. At the bike shop we discover Kyle's rear tire has been damaged and repaired at some point with an internal patch made from a slice of old tire to cover what looks to be a 1/4" wide hole. There's nothing for it but to replace the tyre as Lars, our new bike guru, assures us we will have the same issue again and again unless its replaced.

Bidding goodbye to another 30 euro and the bicycle, we make our way off to the duck park again but by this time Jack is getting cranky and nap time is imminent. At some point in that series of events I vaguely remember hearing Jack mention he needed to pee, but we had forgotten.  We decide to head to the playground instead of the duck park, where at least he could have a run around, it's nicely sheltered from the wind and closer to home.

The park goes well, lots of giggling and running. It's a lovely playground, nestled amongst the houses, I'm amazed we ever found it. There's another little boy so Jack is following him around and giggling at jokes in Dutch, I love that kids can make friends so easily. After about 15 minutes Jack says "I need to go pee pee"....and whosh he has wet clothes! Poor little guy, he really hates to have accidents and it was totally our fault for forgetting when he warned us earlier.

Five minutes later we're at home, he's on the floor crying that he never got to see the ducks and my heart feels for him. Dry clothes, a snack, a cuddle and he's taking a nap, we'll go see those ducks tomorrow.


  1. Aw! But he did get to play with a friend. Maybe he will meet another friend when you go feed the ducks!

    1. I hope so, as we only had one bike with us, so Kyle rode back from the playground and I could here Jack crying for 2 blocks, poor guy. He really worries about ducks that they will be hungry if he doesn't feed them, which is pretty cute lol.

    2. Tell Jack that it's really not a big deal to pee your pants. Even I, a 30-some year old man, has done it.

      I'm really impressed with the bike above. The Heineken rack makes me think it's a punkrock-hipster's bike?

    3. Cullen- That is exactly what I said, its okay, we've all done it!
      Yes, that bike is neat, you see a lot of them, not sure if they are rental bikes or just popular. x

  2. Thats really sweet!


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