Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 6 - All aboard the Strawberry Line

The entrance to the Strawberry Line.
Day six and I finally got to see the Strawberry Line, even today in drab overcast conditions it was a thing of beauty and we had a lovely time. It's part of the National Cycle Network which spans the U.K. with 14,000 miles of pathways selected for cycling and walking routes, it was officially created in 1995 with a grant from a national lottery. Sustrans started right here in Bristol in 1977 and they have a lot of worthwhile projects to encourage cycling, healthy neighbourhoods and green spaces.

Sheep grazing in the fields, it will be especially nice in lambing season to see all the babies playing.

Today we only did a short part of the Strawberry Line, which starts here in Yatton about a block from our front door, I am completely hooked! It was still a little muddy which isn't surprising considering Britain just enjoyed it's second wettest year since records began. In some spots it was very muddy but we made it through without having to get too dirty, I know mud is half the fun for some people, but they probably don't have sleeping toddlers on the back.

As a practical solution to sleeping toddlers in car and bike seats has yet to be invented, I used my shirt to cradle the edge of Jack's helmet so he had some neck support. It actually works surprisingly well and if he wakes up he can lean back and push it off easily, but it eliminates his head from jerking about madly and possibly straining his neck.

There were a lot of other families out enjoying their day today, great to see so many kids cycling and riding on the back of their parent's bikes.

Next weekend I want to get a little further down the line, there are numerous picnic opportunities, coffee shops and villages along the way so it would be nice to make a day of it. We headed back shortly after Jack fell asleep, made a stop at the Strawberry Line Cafe to grab a slice of Victoria Sponge cake I'd seen mention of on Facebook earlier in the day and then headed home for a hot cuppa tea. The Victoria Sponge cake was delicious by the way, if you are local go grab a slice! Glad we had a lovely ride today, hopefully another one is in the near future.


  1. looks like a lovely ride! Love the pictures~maybe next time Jack will be awake to enjoy the wildlife and domestic animals too!

    1. Yes, poor guy was tired, he kept telling me "I need to go to bed mummy" :(

  2. Great looking ride.

    Does Jack often fall asleep on ride?

    1. It was Cullen! No, he generally stays awake these days, he hates to miss out on what's going on.

  3. What a lovely post. For more on the Strawberry Line visit


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