Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Boda Boda Basket

Before I got the Boda Boda I knew I wanted to add some wicker to it, so when I saw this little laundry hamper for only three pounds I knew I had to grab it! I chopped out the side so it would fit with the Peanut Shell and used some zip ties to attach it. Of course the integrity of the basket is weakened because of the cut, but I think it will last a while. Can't wait to find something else to brighten up the other side too!

I added Jack's rain cover today so he can stay snug and dry when we head out next time.

Kyle took a quick trip late tonight so he can check off day 2 of his 31 day bike challenge.

Tomorrow morning we're off to Clevedon, a small town on the coast, located between Weston Super Mare and Bristol. I know it will be easy to get Jack motivated in the morning when he knows we're taking the bus.

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