Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Smiley and his Jiggy

Today the little one and I headed to the Doctor's office. Every time I say that I think people are going to think I'm bragging, but maybe that's because I spent so many years with no health insurance.

Jack and his bike are practically inseparable these days, I think he'd take it to bed if he could. He made it all the way to the clinic and back with no rests, waiting at each curb for me and practising "waiting, looking and listening".
I feel so repetitive but you really have to be if you are going to let a 2 year old ride on a bike that can potentially go as fast as these little bikes will go. We paid twenty pounds for this bike, but they are really reasonably priced brand new.

Tomorrow if the weather is enjoyable (today was wonderful) and my throat isn't hurting so much, I want to take the Boda Boda out for our trip to Jack's playgroup. Jack will be ecstatic - playgroup AND a bike ride! One of the things I have noticed about the Boda Boda is it's gearing and lightness enable me to take off quicker than I can on the Mundo. I feel quite nimble on the Boda, even on the little rolling inclines of our area.
The revolution will not be motorised - Joe Bike

I realized the other day that I have taken just over 1000 photos since we've arrived, here's a sampling of some of the bikes I've seen since we arrived. Thanks for reading!

This is how our mail gets delivered, I must have collected at least 20 pictures of stunned looking postal workers since we've been here, the novelty is starting to wear off now. This guy was very nice, his thick Bristolian accent was cool!
Pretty little flowers displayed on one of Bristol's many display bikes.
I know it looks pretty, but I really hope this bike is more than just a prop!

We spotted this cruiser in Taunton, advertising a local bike shop.

One of the loveliest bakeries I've ever had the pleasure of visiting. If you're ever lucky enough to be in Congresbury you must stop by the Cottage Loaf Bakery and Sandwich Bar, we can't get enough.


  1. The bike photo tour was splendid! So happy to see you all back on your feet and getting about so easily. Joy to the world!

  2. This is terrific, Lindsay. How long was the ride to the doctor's office?

    That step bike looks great. How is Jack's balance.


    1. Cullen, the Dr.s office is pretty close, he can probably do about 2 miles walking, so I would assume about the same on the bike, although he jets about pretty fast so may wear out quicker. He does really well, starting to glide along a bit here and there. really neat little bike, glad we got it.

      Thanks for always reading, Lindsay

  3. Awesome to see Jack smilling and gettin jiggy wid it! LOL :P I'm glad you guys are settling in nicely,looks like an awesome place indeed!

    The DC

    1. Thanks DC, yes we are loving it here for sure!


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