Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Yuba Mundo begins it's journey

Last night Kyle and a friend hauled the Mundo upstairs, stripped off the peanut shell and panniers, along with all the little things that make it "mine". Then we loaded it into a minivan (yes, it fit!) and sent it off on it's merry way to Portland with some good friends.
Once it's arrived it will be stored at my brother's house for a few weeks, until we make the trip down that way on the 28th of October. Then, on Monday the 29th, we're taking it to Joe Bikes in Portland for boxing and also picking up the beautiful Boda Boda. The following morning we're heading for Seattle and the airport to fly to Iceland and then on to England.
It's obviously all very exciting and busy, busy around here but my health issues have been seriously impacting our progress. We have one more large moving sale to host this weekend, then the final push to clean up the house and yard. The end is in sight! Thanks for following along with us.

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