Monday, October 29, 2012

The beginning of the journey

Jack's new t-shirt from Joe Bike
Today I finally got the pleasure of stopping by Joe Bikes in Portland and picking up my shiny new Yuba Boda Boda! It is just as stunningly beautiful as I had imagined, and I can't wait to take it for its first spin in England. I also picked up a t-shirt for Jack so he can share this great motto with our new peeps in Bristol. I wouldn't say the reality of moving to England has 100% set in yet, but it is certainly getting close now. Tomorrow morning bright and early, we leave Portland and head for Seattle where we will fly to Iceland, and then on to England. It's Monday as I write this and we won't actually finish our journey until early evening on Wednesday, it seems like an awfully long journey when you consider drive time, lay overs and flying. I haven't slept good in weeks at this point, I'm suffering from nerve pinches in my legs and have an achy back that complains at every step. It will be fabulous to get settled in to life in Bristol really soon!

Sidewalk shopping
Inside Joe Bikes

It's a Bodaful Life
The Boda Boda in my brother's truck, ready to be taken home for packing with the Mundo.

Our stack of luggage is huge now- we have two massive boxes of bike, 6 suitcases, 3 carry on bags, a stroller, a toddler car-seat and a few handbags, oh and a toddler! Did I mention we're flying for 13 hours with a TODDLER! I have had trouble finding a way to transport us and our luggage from Heathrow to our new abode, but managed to secure a driver and van just today. The price is surprisingly reasonable and they offer door to door service for only a little more than the cost of a van rental, except this way we can relax and enjoy the view, rather than contend with the traffic and congestion we will probably run into. They also offer assistance with loading and unloading which is certainly worth a few extra pounds to someone like myself.

Cool sign for someone who peddles their wares
Leaving our families and Beatrix behind has proved to be immensely hard on us, much harder than I expected. I have cried so many tears in the last few days as good friends have been left behind, it has been emotionally draining and left me numb, and yet I know nothing will compare to when we arrive at Seatac and have to bid goodbye to my brother and his family (and Beatrix, who is coming to say goodbye too).

Ahead of us is an uncertain and scary journey that we are calling an "Adventure". Life is so short and whilst the goodbyes have and will continue to be heart-wrenching, the truth is we have wanted this dream for so long and it's finally becoming a reality, it's time for new adventures, new thrills, new goals and new challenges.


  1. My friend,I hope your back and legs feel better fast,and our prayers for a safe and enjoyable journey there are sent/will continue. Those Bodas are gorgeous!

    The DC

    1. Yes, they really are lovely bikes! Thanks TDC!

  2. Best wishes, we look forward to reading more!

  3. Good luck and godspeed to you and your family on your wonderful and amazing journey Lindsay.

    Be Safe and be Green.


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