Thursday, July 5, 2012

Days 3, 4 & 5 - Easier than I thought!

Today I find myself one-sixth of the way through my plant strong challenge and the time has flown by, I'm proud to say I have maintained and met my goals so far, with both the dietary changes and finding a way to ride or walk daily. It's actually been easy, really easy that I keep thinking I must surely be eating something I'm not "supposed" to eat, or else it couldn't be this enjoyable, sustaining or satisfying! I have even found that I like hot cereals, despite the fact that I used to detest them. But yes, a breakfast of oats cooked with dried dates, dried bananas and some frozen peach slices tossed in with a little coconut milk, is not only divine, but far tastier than the toast I would usually have called my breakfast. I had a coffee issue for a few days, as my rice milk wasn't making the cut, but I replaced it with a splash of coconut milk and now I'm enjoying it too. I have taken to popping some corn every night as a night time snack and it is really satisfying. 

Onions - I love the way the whole valley smells of them, really I do.
I've made what amounts to a lot of change in my lifestyle, that I'm barely noticing because it's made up of lots of little changes. Despite the fact that it has only been 5 days, I'm pretty positive this month won't be as hard as I had previously imagined it would. I started the month expecting misery in the food department, but have enjoyed some very tasty meals including a creamy potato curry that we have decided to make at least once a week. The veggie pizza I made was also a big hit and has made it's way onto the "must have that again soon list".

Little tomatoes on their way, I will be making lots of sauces for freezing

We have spent a lot of time working on our garden lately and it's coming along really nicely. Although we are a little late in the season, I'm not too worried because our area has long, drawn out summers and I suspect we will still get a good harvest.  It's really important for me to grow my own veggies when I can, because despite the fact that there are many local farms, most of them use pesticides, which we prefer to avoid. I also find it very therapeutic and take great joy in watching Jack learn as he helps us when he can. 

I'm really hoping for success with this month's challenge, I'm working on it with a sense of determination that may have got a little lost in the last few months, but is now at the forefront of my mind in everything I do. I feel like these next few months will be full of many fun times and I want to feel healthier to enjoy them, firstly I have my new bike to look forward to and secondly we have a trip planned in August where we will be meeting up with some fellow cargo bike enthusiasts for the Sunday Parkway's event in S.E. Portland. If you care to join us there is an invitation on my Facebook page. 

Yesterday's bike ride was amazing, lovely warm weather and a nice breeze.  Daily riding has once again proved the only way to go, miss a day and I notice it's tougher to get motivated. Tonight we'll be riding as soon as Kyle gets home from work and then we're off to a baseball game. I plan on eating before we leave because I know I won't find healthy snacks there. Yesterday when we went to the 4th of July celebrations in the park, we managed to find a vendor selling veggie burgers on a wholegrain bun which I thought was pretty amazing. If you think you would benefit from a plant strong lifestyle and are on the fence about it- just do it, so far it has been pretty easy!


  1. You and your son have the same smile! :)
    Keep it all going Mama! I think you are doing great. You are an inspiration!

    1. My sentiments exactly,keep going my friend,you got it!

      The Disabled Cyclist


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