Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Today was a breeze...

Today's weather was hardly inviting and it took some serious determination to get out the door, especially after a brief phone call with my mother, who informed me as to how windy it was. Our house is nestled in it's own little micro climate at the base of a hill, which guards us from the winds that generally sweep through the flat valley, carrying dust and pollen with them.  But we headed out, with the little one wrapped and cozy, ready for a ride and me dreading every second of it. I adjusted my saddle, checked my tire pressure and set off for no set destination. There were only two set in stone requirements for the ride, it had to be over 6 miles and include a stop for a gallon of milk, for which I took my handy new insulating bag that I picked up at the dollar store.

After the first few miles of heading at an incline with the wind at my side it became apparent that going home was going to be a major fight, as the wind was approaching from the southwest and we were heading east. There came a point when I was mentally debating which way I should head, if I continued on my current path I could go to Walla Walla and pick up the brand of milk that we prefer, If I turned around I could loop College Place and it's empty, but now boring streets and then stop and grab milk from the store which is closest to home. To turn around meant heading slightly at a decline, to continue straight meant a sharp hill that I have dreaded since the last time I took it. After an inner battle I decided to head straight, and my dear son must have sensed the hill was intimidating me, because he immediately started chanting "go, go, go", I'm not sure I'd have made it without his help. We stopped shortly after cresting the hill, I recovered my breathing, let my heart return to a normal tempo and drank some water.

 We continued our journey with the solar system for company, a few magpies and a lone robin. The wind was truly horrible and I was dreading heading home. I was glad once again for Jack being sheltered by his canopy, otherwise I'm sure he'd have gotten an ear ache.

I stopped to snap a few pictures here and there along the trail, and found the one below exceptionally endearing. The look of sheer contentment and happiness on Jack's face really sums up how he feels about our bike rides, the highlight of his day.

The Yuba refused to stand in the bike rack and with the rear rocking motion of the stand-alone kickstand it makes it near to impossible to set the wheel between a bike rack and utilize the kickstand at the same time, unless you lift it into place and my back isn't up for a challenge like that. We parked by the cart corral, jetted around the store for a gallon of milk, an orange and a little energy bar for the ride home, then had a picnic in the parking lot.

 Isn't it odd that Jack's bicycle helmet has  "hot wheels" written on it? I think he needs a new one, or at the very least a well placed Yuba sticker to cover the logo.

I shall spare you the story of the way home, suffice it to say, the wind was so strong it required constant peddle pressure to not stop us in our tracks, despite the fact that we can usually coast at about 6 miles an hour on the main stretch home.

Our trip total was just under 7 miles today, the weather forecast predicts continued rainy weather until the weekend. Hopefully it clears up for our group ride I've organized for Saturday! 


  1. LOL,Nick's first helmet had Hotwheels! on it too,small world,eh? :p Yeah...put a big sweet Yuba stickie over it,and it'll be evencooler :D

    Don't feel like you're alone with the weather...I got monsooned yesterday for a 35 miler,and drenched fairly well today as well,and lost a computer to casualty of water. Cool beans on the mini-picnic (we always enjoy having one mid ride,Nick,Jamie and I),and yeah,those pics are priceless :)

    The DC

    1. Hey TDC-

      I noticed yesterday that his helmet even has a car on it! So silly lol. Hope you are enjoying camping!


  2. Believe it or not, but fighting the wind so hard now is good for you! Didn't you feel great when you got back (sure exhausted, but victorious too right?)? 7 miles with that kind of wind is impressive too! You didn't cop out and bargain with yourself to cheat today and make up the missing miles later. AND you did the hill. Gogo Jack cheer-squad! (I want one, /pout)

    Summer is nearing, and my husband and I are nearly free of school (his college classes, my school bus driving). We are moving to Colorado as soon as school ends in the beginning of June- my last day is June 7. We have no house plan yet, but my husband said it may be further from the bus shop there, assuming we can get within a bikeable distance at all. The prospect didn't make me sad at all. I had just had the thought yesterday that perhaps this 4 miles was getting too easy.

    As for the wind, it seems strange that I used to fight it so much. I noticed this week when the winds picked up that now instead of EVERYTHING feeling like a direct headwind sent solely to antagonize me, I can recognize that most of the wind is a diagonal crosswind and isn't really hampering me at all. A straight-on crosswind can be scary because the gusts from the side might push me sideways closer to traffic. And the rare true headwind seems less daunting now below 25mph sustained. I can just shift down and (keep calm and) pedal on.

    It does get better.

    Hot wheels could apply to a bicycle too :P
    But I agree- that brand is a car thing.

    I think whenever I get a new bicycle, Zoomie shall become an Xtracycle. I've wanted one since I first saw a FreeRadical, and your Yuba makes me itch to get one.

    Happy riding! I've got to turn off this computer or I shall never get back to sewing...

    1. Hello R.E.T.F.-

      You know my little cheer squad made my day, even now days later I'm so thankful he did that or I might not have made it. It made me well up with tears, but so worth it!

      Colorado is beautiful! I've been there a few times, I'm sure you'll love it and I can't wait to hear about your new commute!

      There is never any other kind of wind than a head wind, and always when you are at your lowest energy it seems!

      Seems like so many friends are getting xtracycles- so exciting! Will you show us pictures?


  3. hi Lindsay

    nice report, your boy is sweet, I loved the calm happiness of his expression on that picture too

    I didn't forget about the interview; I decided to up grade my flickr before; with more pictures and descriptions too - with Portuguese and English text which takes some time - so you can ilustrate well whatever I have to say

    all the best


    1. Hello Artur- I'm very excited about your interview, I know so many people will be blessed to hear about your bike building. Can't wait to read it myself!
      No rush either, I don't want it to be a stress for anyone!


  4. Hi Lindsay -- guess I should have read this post before asking my question about the Yuba on hills over on my blog. You addressed hills AND wind here! So cute that Jack provided encouragement for the tough parts of the ride today :)

    The bike rack at the grocery store I frequent is poorly positioned, so I always go for the cart corral lock up -- use what works.

    The toddler helmets at Target are still a little big for my guy, but two of them had car themes -- ugh! I think I shall refuse to buy them. He might have to deal with one of the "girly" ones instead.

    1. Melissa- One thing you have to remember is I am very overweight, so its harder for me than most people. I know many mums who carry a few kiddos and tackle hills like nothing!
      You know I noticed Jack's helmet actually has a car on it too, a car! Seriously?! lol I got it on sale at walmart last year for $2 lol...I didn't have a bike or any intention of getting one, but we were there and it was in a bin full of $2 helmets. I got it and he played with it in his toy box for ages until I got the bike and realized I'd bought it.
      Going to get stickers!



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