Saturday, May 5, 2012

Reaching for goals on Cinco De Mayo

I woke up in over-achiever mode today, loaded the bike with all manner of items of questionable necessity and set off to achieve my goal of cycling to the farmer's market for opening week. I anticipated the extra weight pulling me down in momentum, ended up overcompensating and got there in a record 40 minutes.

I wasn't feeling very well before we left, by the time we got there I felt positively sick and shaky. We waited in this shady spot for a friend to meet us, she made me laugh by telling me there is very little difference between the words motivation and vomitation...who knew huh? Gotta love a friend that can make you laugh through the pain.

We had some beautiful bicycle company today at the Walla Walla farmer's market. It was refreshing and inspiring to be surrounded by amazing arts and crafts.

Of course the fresh quality produce was beautiful too!


The live music and people watching was top notch! Jack had a great time chasing bubbles and decorating the ground with chalks. We got ready to leave when the little guy started showing signs of crankiness, I still wasn't feeling very well, but was determined to get a few more miles in. We headed for Whitman College, a stunning campus with sprawling grass areas and perfect bicycle pathways beside creeks and ponds.

Today was certainly a triumph for sheer determination or possible just plain stubbornness, either way we logged 11 miles with a head on wind all the way home, which is usually where we get to take it easy. We didn't actually do much shopping, which means tomorrow we will be off cycling again to fulfill this weeks grocery needs. I won't however let Jack help me pack tomorrow, so I can lighten the load without the extra few balls, bat, teddy bear, bubbles and of course the stroller can stay home too.


  1. Congratulations on reaching this goal!

    You have helped to inspire my wife, who is now attempting to ride every day in May.

    1. Mark-

      Thank you! Very exciting that I may have helped to inspire your wife, I'm sure she will love May! Cheers- Lindsay

  2. Awesome ride,and I laughed out loud about the words of similarity,I'd never realised that either,LOL!

    Awesome job,whether stubborness (that's my weapon too ;) )or determination. And yeah,I'll be riding to the grocery tomorrow too,teeheehee :D

    The DC

    1. Hello TDC-

      Hope your month is going well! Stubbornness can be an excellent tool! Lindsay

  3. Hello Lindsay.
    I found your blog through "The slow bicycle movement" on facebook.

    You are doing a brave thing by making these changes in your life and I thank you for sharing it with all of us.

    I linked your blog on my site and wrote a short article about you (in Icelandic) and hope you don‘t mind that?

    I cycle every day to work and have done so for many years. I simply love cycling and it makes me glad when other people also discover the joy of cycling.

    Sincerely, Bjarney Halldórsdóttir, Reykjavík, Iceland.

    1. Hello Bjarney-

      Thank you for checking out my blog, so glad you liked it. Thank you for sharing my blog too, I will take a look at yours! Always nice to connect with others.

      Stay in touch- thank goodness for translating via google- it helps people like me!



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