Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 7 of 30 days of biking

Day seven's departure shot- getting ready for a late afternoon ride with the family. It was a beautiful day today and this evening was warm and sunny, providing the perfect way to end the day with a short ride.

I was a little nervous getting on the bike today, but I just have to keep moving forward. Jack was really excited to wake up from a nap and go for a bike ride, so he didn't seem to fazed from the other day.

We decided to make a video today and Kyle edited it and added some music, then after trying to upload it a few times we gave up and put it on You Tube instead. Oh the trials and tribulations of blogging!

We had a good day and are making plans for a longer ride tomorrow, as I feel like I'm starting to build up some stamina now, it's getting a little easier! Plus, the forecast predicts great weather and I think we should make use of it! I hope we don't give anyone motion sickness with our little video!


  1. Awesome day y'all had,my friend-it put a smile across my face (yes,a real one :p) :)

    The Disabled Cyclist

    1. Hey T.D.C.- Are you feeling any better? I hope so! Glad we could make you smile...if we'd have gotten my falling in the mud on film we could have made you laugh! Lindsay


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